Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bowl-a-Rama !!

How long has it been since you went bowling?? We went last night with a few friends... try not to laugh too hard! Samantha and Clay were definately the best two of our group! I came in close...close to LAST! I was aweful!

Liz and I...ready to head out

riding 4 deep in the back...Clay (you can't see), Brett, Elizabeth and Samantha

this ended up in the gutter on the did most of my balls

Wyatt is trying to comfort me...bc I suck

It is all about the form...this was a strike by the way. really! :)

the two love birds...

Clay was pretty good...he had some weird throw thing going on...I think it has to do with the bow legged stance ;)

me and my sam

The soon-to-be Sebesta's and my Wyatt.

Fun times...Great friends...lots of memories!

Let's play catch up!

Hello everybody! I know it has been a while, I have been getting emails from friends saying I needed to update my blog! So here we is the story of us the last few weeks!

Wyatt and I are currently working together! People ask, "Do y'all get along after working together all day, every day?" The answer...YES!! Wyatt and I love being together and immersed in each others worlds! We used to have to spill our guts every night and try to explain to one another what went on all day, trying to fit 10 hours in about 20 minutes, now we are up to date and frequently discuss "business". It is nice to share our lives in a new and exciting way!
Nursing is still my passion, I just have to decide where/when I want to start that again! I have been really spoiled as I played 'Susie homemaker' after our wedding and 'sidekick to hubby' at Wilcom...but now that our lives are settled it is about time I get back in the swing of my career.

Last weekend, Kaden turned three! I cannot believe he is so old! For his birthday, my parents and brother came in town and we all went to Chuck E Cheese! Kaden was definitely overwhelmed with games, pizza, more games, "monies" (tokens), dancing with a large mouse, and winning extremely overpriced prizes with his tickets! Here are a few fun pics from that crazy day...

driving to Chuck E did I get the back seat?

my little Karlie was sleepy...we are taking a love time-out

no time outs for B - Kaden had him going everywhere!

the biggest kid of us dad...AKA Nascar driver

this actually flew in the air as you spun the wheels...Kaden needed B to reach the pedals! :)

a little PePaw time!

She loves her is starting to get to me ;)

We had a blast celebrating Kaden's birthday...but we are still in the agreement that we are not ready for all that children stuff yet! maybe...LOL! It is always a blast to have my family in town! We are so blessed by my mom, dad and brother; Jenn, Charlie, Kaden and Karlie! Wyatt and I love them so much - Thanks for such a great weekend!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bridal Extravaganza?!

Yes, I know it is a little late for me but, today I was a good little bridesmaid and went to the George R Brown convention center in Houston for a Winter Bridal Extravaganza! One of my favorite friends, Ms Brooke Parker...soon to be Mrs. Jeff tying the knot in VEGAS!!! Wyatt and I cannot wait for this trip! Brooke knew she wanted fun but still special so she and Jeff thought what better place to have a great time and get hitched? LAS VEGAS!! She is planning her big day to be in the Bellagio Hotel in September of 2008 and decided we needed to go try out this thing called an extravaganza!

I never went to the Bridal Extravaganza while we were planning our wedding last year, but I had always heard great things about it. I never imagined it to be so HUGE! We arrived about 10AM and left completely overwhelmed around 2pm. This place is jam-packed with vendors for anything and everything you could ever need to plan and execute a great wedding! More photographers than you could ever need, sites, flowers, music, food, gowns, dresses, fashion shows, candles, linens, blah...blah...blah...this place even had Botox and teeth whitening stations set up for anyone and everyone to have procedures done right there in the convention center! It was a mad house! We had a blast walking through and depositing our little cards for giveaways, trying out the old Rolls Royce, signing up for more info, tasting cake, trying on dresses, talking to vendors and laughing at some of the ridiculous people there...WHAT A DAY!! All for my Brooke! I just love that girl!

they even sold/rented port-o-potties for outdoor weddings! Brooke decided to try it out...LOL!!

My brooke being a BEAUtiful bride!

I am standing on a tall chair and still cannot get even 1/2 of the arena! IT WAS MASSIVE! Look at all those people! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

100 for 2008

1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2. I am married to my best friend and soul mate.

3. I love my husband, Wyatt Joseph Sbrusch, more and more each day.

4. I never thought I would live in Needville, TX.

5. I never thought I would love the smell of the country* :)

6. I cannot wait to have babies...maybe I can.
7. I want as many babies as God allows; three however, is Wyatt's limit. :)

8. I want to be a foster mom.

9. I really hated college and couldnt wait to leave...however, I did meet the love of my life there.

10. I love to work out but do not do it nearly enough.

11. I would love to lose 10 pounds, yet I eat cobbler and ice cream as I write this. :/

12. Wyatt and I love watching movies in our living room.

13. I love my family, both the Byrd's and the Sbrusch's.

14. I couldn't have asked for better siblings, we grow closer daily.

15. Being an Aunt is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

16. Kaden and Karlie are great birth control.

17. True friends are priceless...and hard to find.

18. I owe my parents the world because they gave me life.

19. I wish I knew then what I know every sense of the phrase.

20. Wyatt loves to help me in the kitchen, mostly because if he doesn't we are in trouble.

21. I could care less about celebrities and their lives.

22. Honesty is the ONLY way to live and love.

23. My sister, my brother and I are all complete opposites.

24. My favorite color is Sapphire blue.

25. My wedding was themed "From diamonds to dust".

26. My colors were Sapphires (blue) and Diamonds (white).

27. Wyatt and I were married in Sugar Land, my home town, on July 21, 2007.

28. We hosted about 800 guests.

29. It was a say the least!

30. We are being published in The Knot magazine for our "unique style".

31. I have recently fallen in love with Kohls (maybe because it is the closest store for 30 miles).

32. I love Diet Coke and peanut M&Ms.

33. I have recently picked up Duck hunting with my hubby, camouflage waders and all.

34. We live in a 1930's farm house with old wood siding and two front doors.

35. Besides to the North Texas Higher Education for my school loans, and Wells Fargo for our
F350 we are in debt to no one.

36. Wyatt graduated with Biology and Chemistry degrees but is a partner in a
telecommunications firm.

37. I own 32 pairs of jeans.

38. We have a white Labrador, Jayda.

39. I love cuddling with Wyatt and/or my puppy.

40. We honeymooned in St. Maarten, West Indies. 7 nights full of...well just 7 great nights :)

41. My mom is the greatest mom ever.

42. My dad thinks his riding lawn mower is a tractor.

43. My brother is the best self-taught drummer I know.

44. Favorite TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, Oprah, The Girls Next Door - really dont know why.

45. Wyatt and I lived in our home for 4 months without cable or Internet.

46. My favorite food is sushi.

47. One of my favorite things to do is introduce our friends in Needville to city life/dining.
PFChaings, Japenieros(sushi), Kona Grill, Cheesecake Factory etc...

48. Wyatt loves frozen gummi bears, frozen sour worms and frozen sweet corn.

49. Marie Anderson was my guiding light through the hell of nursing school.

50. Wyatt was raised Catholic, I was raised Baptist, we attend a Christian fellowship.

51. When I was younger my mom would ground me from the phone, then I would go to my
friend, Katie's house and use hers.

52. It has took me 5 months to change my name from Kyla Suzanne Byrd to Kyla Suzanne Byrd

53. I was told I could not get my belly button pierced but I could get a tattoo...who knows.

54. My brother is being scouted for baseball from Baylor, UMHB, UT Dallas and UT San
Antonio. I am so proud of him.

55. I love to sing and dance.

56. I am 23, Wyatt is 24. My sister 25, her husband Charlie, 32. My mom 46, dad 49. MeMe
68, PaPa, God Rest His Soul, 83.

57. When life knocks you down to your knees, just remember that you are in the perfect position to pray.

58. I do not eat McDonald's.
59. I recently learned how to fire a rifle.

60. I hid a Benelli shot gun on my wedding gown for Wyatt to find when he pulled my garter.

61. Wyatt finds lingerie to be pointless, so a drawer full sits untouched in a drawer.

62. In high school I was a cheerleader, made great friends, now I look back and laugh at how
important we thought we were.

63. I never thought my high school webmastering class would mean anything, yet here I am,
married and using my skills to organize this blog!

64. I love whomever came up with the idea of satellite radio.

65. I love our King Ranch truck.

66. Between Wyatt and I, we have had 5 surgeries. I account for only 1 of those. Not fun times.

67. Wyatt and I know exactly what it takes to persevere.
68. By the end of 2008, I will have been in 7 weddings, including my own. I am about wedding'd

69. Wyatt and I enjoy working out together on our BowFlex, it has its own room in our home.

70. I love buying presents for my niece and nephew.

71. My babies will be spoiled by both sets of grandparents. Both of which are pushing the issue.

72. I love the beach.

73. I love to ski but hate being cold.

74. I love the ocean, anywhere but Galveston.

75. I used to be the spoiled one, then I got married and Wyatt gets all my attention.

76. Seafood is not my favorite. (besides sushi)

77. Wyatt could eat seafood everyday. (including sushi)

78. Wyatt and I have our own brand for cattle.

79. We have seen 15+ concerts while dating/marriage.

80. My favorite Christmas gift was Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets.

81. Wyatt's favorite gift was his underwear...maybe not.
82. I still have one of my sister's gifts in our truck to give to her.

83. New Year's resolution: No babies in 2008! Let's see if that lasts!

84. Wyatt is a practical gift giver...but is getting more romantic each chance he gets.

85. My nickname: Dirl, yes, with a 'D' ; Wyatt's nickname: Boy

86. I learn more history from Wyatt than I ever did in school. He thinks the History channel
and the Discovery channel are God's gift to him.

87. I am not a morning person.

88. I love milk, Wyatt hates milk.

89. I love pedicures, getting my hair done and massages.

90. I love diamonds, and am starting a great collection!

91. Wyatt and I live simple, laugh all the time and have a love that is perfect!

92. Christ is the center of our life.

93. I love little nothings between Wyatt and myself.

94. I love having secrets with my husband that no one will ever know.

95. I love that I know Wyatt better than anyone ever will.

96. I love that Wyatt can read my mind through my eyes.
97. I can eat thin crust peperoni and mushroom pizza any day of the week.

98. I love my memories, although I wish some of them would disappear.

99. I love that Wyatt loves me for now and then...however stupid 'then' was.

100. I love that I just finished the top 100 of 2008...who's idea was this anyway???

if you read this... it is your turn to post on your blog!