Monday, March 31, 2008

It is ALOT harder than it looks...

All my life I have been on the sideline, cheering on Brandon (my little brother) as he kicks some serious tale in baseball! I can yell with the loudest fan, argue any call with an umpire, take and calculate statistics, keep score, recite rules of the game, call name it, I got it,


Wyatt and I recently joined a church softball co-ed league and our first game was yesterday! I was pretty pumped! Wyatt took me to Academy and bought me the right "gear", I picked out the right clothes ;) and we started preparing ourselves for this new excitement! 5:30 rolled around and we headed to the heart started pumping a little harder...6:00 game time. I thought I could throw up! I was really nervous, I didn't want to really suck! :) Wyatt was chosen to be the team captain and that makes me the wife of the team captain...I know, I made it up...but that could be a real position! HAHA!! All that to say, I really wanted to be good...I surprised even myself! I think Wyatt was actually proud of my coordination! I played catcher and only got 2 bruised shins, batted 4th and only almost got hit twice, actually made it to the base two out of my three at bats, and even made it home to score once! LOL! We had a great team with really great couples who really enjoyed themselves! It made our Sunday night very interesting...definitely something to look forward to every week! So, here's to our team...our spectators, our competition, and most importantly to our God who made it all possible.

My hat is off to my little brother and amazing dad who play a game much harder than it looks...

Continually blessed. Until my next blog...kyla

Our happy little family

It has a pink swoosh...I am a firm believer that if you look good, you play good! ;)

Our friend Joey, on one of his and Wyatt's favorite toys...The Mule.

This is what happens when I start talking with friends, Wyatt gets stuck on the paddle boat that only goes in reverse. People ask why we don't have kids, I respond, I already have one. He is 24.

**In other news...I just finished our TAXES!!! What a relief! I have no idea how people do that stuff for a living. We had a family friend help us get started and she happens to be an accountant for Shell Oil. Even though she deals with numbers, figures, etc... every day, she still hates taxes...maybe it is just something in the word "taxes" that eerks people. So, to all of you that are still messing with the IRS - I will pray for you! I just figure that if in the end you have a pretty nice number coming in and not going did it right! :)
All my love loyal bloggers...**

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Early on Sunday morning, as the new day was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went out to see the tomb. Suddenly there was a great earthquake, because an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and rolled aside the stone and sat on it. His face shone like lightning, and his clothing was as white as snow. The guards shook with fear when they saw him, and they fell into a dead faint.

Then the angel spoke to the women. "Don't be afraid!" he said. "I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn't here! He has been raised from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying. And now go quickly and tell his disciples he has been raised from the dead, and he is going ahead of you to Galilee. You will see him there. Remember, I have told you."

Awesome God. The Great I AM. Abba Father. Adonai. Creator. Redeemer. Everlasting. Eternal.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Family...and a wedding, go figure!

I am so sorry this post is a little late...but...Wyatt and I went to Burnet last weekend for some family photos! Our family is growing so big!! Kaden and Karlie get cuter every time we see them! I am starting to miss them more and more...does that mean something?? LOL... The weekend was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was great and the time with family was even greater. Wyatt and I are so blessed by my amazing Byrd bunch! Here are some snap shots...

He never gets enough golf...

Kaden is watching to see how far the ball goes...he think uncle Wyatt is so strong!

Jayda, chilin'

Karlie's new thing is love bug!!

so adorable. she has the biggest grin and the most infectious laugh!

On the way back from searching for golf balls " in the cow poop" LOL

We had an Easter egg hunt for my favorite nephew...

Karlie could care less about eggs, she had Me Maw time!

They were hidden so well...;)

Kaden is looking for "reindeer", we tried to explain just 'deer'. It didn't work.

Karlie's nick name is 'love bug' so she got a lady bug cake! MeMe did such a good job!

Getting ready for burgers...

Dad, flippin the paties! :)

I found it funny that Kaden fits in our wheel well.

On the way to the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Morton! (College friends)

Miss Katie Kerley

Wyatt and Connor...chatting it up.

I promise I will start posting more often...with more meaningful stuff...

Until then, work is great. I cannot believe it is SPRING, my favorite season! Do we even really have seasons in Houston?

Love you all...thanks for reading...God Bless and Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch this!

I went back to my blog in December 2007 and added to "My Favorite Christmas Gift". If you visit the post, and scroll to the bottom, you can press "play" and WATCH the Trans Siberian Orchestra excerpt. It is definitely worth it! I would strongly recommend this performance to anyone who asks!! Go check it out!!

  • Click on 2007
  • Click on December
  • Click on "My Favorite Christmas Gift"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rodeo Houston...Sugarland !!

loving always!

welcome to the HOUSTON RODEO!!

Can you hear it...I am singing as I write this! LOL!

Monday, Wyatt and I and a group of friends went to the Rodeo to see SUGARLAND!!! I love them, not only because they have a namesake to my favorite little town but I can sing Jennifer Nettles' songs at the top of my lungs (while by myself of course :) ) every day and never get tired of it! I love her cute little style and her song lyrics...for example...

I aint settling for anything less than everything!

A little town and a great big life

Whole world could change in a minute...Just one kiss could stop it spinning

...there are soo many more that I could belt out right now, but I will spare you! ;)

Another part of the great night was the fact that we went with one of our favorite groups of people! Meet our friends...again...

Samantha, Terry, and my Wyatt!

This pose was NOT on purpose...I had horrible timing, I apologize.

"Hello, this is Clayton Sebesta, leave a message because I AM LISTENING TO KYLA SING SUGARLAND!"...or whatever he was saying...

the cutest little girl...look at that hat!

my in-laws...they weren't in our CLUB seats (thank you, Randy, for our amazing tickets!!), but we still went down to visit! They had great seats right by the rodeo chutes. We sat down there during the bull/bronc riding, team roping and steer wrestling. Wyatt and Clay had buddies competing...

team worries, I was assured no animals were hurt during this photo shoot!

I was tying to catch the cowboy coming out of the chute...I missed. But you see the great seats! Thank you Tim, and CenterPoint Energy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday Sarah Catherine Hunter!!

So...I know this girl, Sarah Hunter. I was there when she was born, March 19, 1994, I was there when she took her first step, I was there to change her diaper, put her down for naps, teach her to swim. I was there to take her shopping, snow skiing, horseback riding, cruises, Disney world...and whatever else you can think of. The point is - she is just like a little sister to me!

Well, my little Sarah Catherine turns 13 this year! I cannot believe it! For her big 1-3 I planned a great party in Sugar Land Town square with her and three of her friends ~ all courtesy of her daddy's pocket book! :) . We started at 4pm, right after school let out last Friday, and ended at 1pm on Saturday! We had an all night blast! We did dinner at Johnny Rockets, her choice of course, spent the night at the Mariott, went swimming, watched a movie, got room service, ran around the hotel taking pictures, ate junk food...and finally went to bed around 4 AM just to get up and check out by 11AM. Which was followed by breakfast at Chick-fil-A and a quiet, tired, truck ride home. It was a BLAST!! I was honored to do that for her and I wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

opening presents on the way to check-in

johnny rocketts for dinner...dancin' the night away

taking a dip...

movie time...or snack time - maybe both! :)

sleeping beauty...I love you, Sarah!