Sunday, April 27, 2008

When it rains...we still have the fair!

So, it is Sunday and Sunday is the day I usually post...I know I should post more during the week but I HAVE NOTHING TO POST ABOUT. Work is big changes...YET!!
However, since before we were married weekends have always been fun and this weekend was no different. Tim, Wyatt's dad, is running for Needville ISD school board which meant we all got to ride in the Needville Parade! Saturday morning was a wet one bc Friday night the clouds broke open and decided to pour out on us! But, that didn't stop the parade...we woke up and quickly got the truck ready to carry family, we filled tubs with candy and loaded our coffee cups for the adventurous day ahead of us! :) The parade went through downtown Needville which meant it was all of maybe 2 miles long! LOL!! After the ride, we headed to the fair grounds to see the craft show put on by the schools in Needville, eat catered BBQ...what else...and enter the auction for all the farm animals being shown by the students. Basically, the city of Needville pulls together for a HUGE fundraiser for Needville ISD. I have to admit that this is the most giving town I have ever lived in. Only here will a cannister of home-made noodes be sold at auction for 3000+ dollars! Literally. People around here gve their time and money to make sure the city of Needville and all of its members are well taken care of. If someone is in need, you better believe they will get what they lack and more. I have never seen such giving with nothing expected in return. A true blessing.

Playing with the camera...

still playing...

taking our truck to support the nominee...brett, me, elizabeth (brett's GF) and the man of the hour, Tim.

after the parade, we picked wyatt's cousins' little one, Natalie. She wanted to see all the animals!

Another fun weekend in the books...another week of boring work to come. See you next week!
Love and prayers, W&K

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lake Trip!

Hello everyone! I missed you :) was that corny...HAHA

So I have so much to say...First, Wyatt and I took a little mini trip to the lake! We drove up to Lake Fork, near Dallas, for the Texas Toyota Bass Classic! It was really fun! I have been fishing quite a few times in my life, but mostly for saltwater fish...this was TOTALLY DIFFERENT! The technique is different, the bait is different, the atmosphere is seemed alot slower paced?! Does anyone know what I am talking about? LOL...anyways, it was alot of fun - very relaxing and most importantly it was our first fishing trip together! So of course here are pictures:

Me and my hubby ... sorry for the lighting! The sun was gorgeous!

Where's the fishy fish fishy...

The weather was great! I loved just sitting on the bank and enjoying God.

After I caught all the fish...while Wyatt still tried to catch fish...I tan. Naturally. ;)

Post tanning, pre-night fishing!


Next on the agenda; I think I am going to look into Pharmaceutical sales. I have a phone date with a friend, Tiffany Sutherland, to discuss options. Please pray for me. I have always loved nursing, but since I have been working in the field for about a year as a graduate, but more like 5 years total, I have come to the realization I don't like people. HAHA...I have never been the most patient, but I do care. I just have a personal problem with our healthcare system and the people that determine how we nurses are supposed to do things. I mean, how can someone who sits in an office, far from where you are caring for patients, really be determining policies and procedures, schedules etc...and how am I supposed to know EACH AND EVERY insurance and create a plan of care according to what they will pay for? THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Granted, working in a private practice exposes me to alot more "money" issues than would be the case in the hospital setting but I cannot stand it. It really makes me think that every time I have to run an errand, go to an appt of my own or deal with someone at their place if business I am extremely patient, understanding and TRY MY HARDEST to understand it from their point of view. I am sure every profession has its pros and cons...but, Wyatt and I have talked about it and we think now is the time to test the water. We are still young and I can always go back to nursing...any comments?? Keep me in your prayers, just so I hear what God has to say and I can make smart and rational decisions...not just quick decisions out of spite, anger, restlessness or whatever...that is my prayer.

Next...this is a personal problem...MY FEET HAVE A FUNK! HAHAHA! I cannot believe I am posting this...It all started last Thursday. I was sitting on our sofa at home and smelled something funny. I looked all over, smelt the throws, the sofa cushions, the air vents EVERYTHING...then I smelt my socks and then my feet...FOUND IT! OMG! What am I supposed to do about that!?!? Wyatt laughed hysterically and told me that sweating in my shoes is what causes that...well, I have always worked out, walked alot, worn tennis shoes all day and NEVER HAVE I HAD SMELLY FEET! That was always my brothers, I am the smelly feet girl. As my nephew would say, "CRAP!" Any suggestions?? LOL!! I just want to add that this takes security...who else would post something like this? If you have stinky feet...make a comment, make me feel better! :)

Lastly, I miss my niece and nephew...just a few photos so everyone can see how great they are! I randomly call Kaden to get my "fix" so to speak...I think this weekend their house is calling my name! I really am praying for the day I have kids that they are as sweet as my niece and nephew. I cannot wait to be a mommy...but I will. Nobody get the wrong idea!! Still saving up for the Sbrusch equal time and money...two things I am too selfish with! Right now our money goes to vacations (Jamaica!! in 5 months), cars, new home, restaurants!! Our time goes to each other...too in love to share!



All Smiles when he is with Aunt Kyla and Uncle Wyatt

Proud uncle.

One of my all time favorites!

Monday, April 14, 2008

lets play catch up...

Hey everyone...all 10 of you! :) I am so sorry that it has been a while since our last post...we have been somewhat busy. Not really with anything important...just normal planting new flowers in our little front yard, working, going to wedding showers for good old besties, new haircuts!!!

I think the last time we talked I had hair about ten inches longer...NOT ANY MORE!!! My partner in crime, Amanda Olson, took me to see her stylist and I came out looking like a brand new woman!! Wyatt was so surprised and couldn't stop touching it...we will just leave it at that. :)

the NEW look!

Her idea...twins!

Lets Celebrate new haircuts!!??!!

In other news, Ashley Latimer is joining the "married" band-wagon. She had a wedding shower Saturday and it was a beautiful day! We had great catch-up time and I got to meet all the fellow bridesmaids...all so sweet, most fellow nurses! Here are some snap shots...

The bride to be and her lovely mom

A little red from the beautiful sun!! It was a gorgeous day!

the bride and bridesmaids!

Last, but definitely not least, Wyatt and I taught our little pre-schoolers on Sunday! We love our class! This week we had about 10 pre school age kiddos and we learned about Jesus walking on water! We took our class to the lake in the back of the church property and talked about the miracle of Jesus being able to walk on water! Some of the kids got to help me act out the scene and they loved it!! Next time I will try to take more pics...but it is hard to coral kids, teach, take to the bathroom, give snack time and arts and crafts all while taking pictures! But I do have two...

gathering the time before church starts

our room...We love Creekside...

p.s. OUR SOFTBALL TEAM WON AGAIN!! Wyatt got THREE grand slams! Which also means he is limping around the house complaining of sore muscles...:) Gotta love that "manly competitiveness" !!

See you all next time!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So...kind of last minute I found out my dad was giving Wyatt and I four tickets to the Astros game! As most of you know I happen to love baseball, BUT I also like when my days have somewhat of a plan to them. This was no such day.
Wednesday started pretty normal...boy and girl get up, boy and girl get dressed, boy and girl leave for work...drink coffee...etc...then, I get a phone call that we will be traveling to the Minute Maid park for the Astros vs. Cardinals! I was semi-excited...I mean how excited could I really be, I was going to a game wearing scrubs that have been in contact with "work" all day! If you know what I do and with whom I work, you will understand my dilemma.
Never-the-less...we had a great time! We had AMAZING seats...right behind home plate. I have to say we felt very safe due to the fact that everywhere we looked we saw secret service men with those curly clear wires coming out of there $500 suits. Come to find out President George Bush SR. was enjoying the game too...about ten rows in front of us! Wyatt and I also got to make an appearance on the BIG SCREEN-we waived and gave a little kiss-and saw a proposal on the 'kiss cam'...she said, 'yes'! It was a pretty exciting night.
The other two seats were given to my brother-in-law, Charlie, who brought a buddy from work and proceeded to spend a lot of money on presents for my sister, niece and nephew! I guess that is his way of saying I love you even though I didn't bring you to the game! :) LOL :)

I did try and take a few snapshots from my phone...when I figure out how to download those to this computer I will post pics from the evening...

In other news...
everything is going well around the Sbrusch household! No big news. We are growing and learning everyday! I thank God everyday for all He has provided-without Him I would be nothing! Sometimes I am overwhelmed with His patience ... love ... forgiveness ... Can I really grasp how Big He is?? probably not.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hangin with our Homies

Scott and Amanda, yes, this is all the time!

You have to love great friends...everytime we hang out with 'Mr and Mrs Scott Olson' - fellow newlyweds- I leave with a stomach ache! No, not because her cooking...LOL...but because I laugh so dang hard at Amanda! She is quite funny! I have known Amanda since middle school giving us quite a 'colorful' past. Most of the hilarious jokes and comments that are made are in some way or another related to our amazing stories and jacked up memories! With out my manda-panda I would have never had quite the life I have today. We have done everything from sneak out of class in 7th grade to cruising the seas and skiing the mountains, not to mention play roles in each others weddings. I think every woman should have a girlfriend like I you can vent to, laugh with, love on and cry to whenever needed. She just gets me. And, as if that wasn't enough, our husbands get along perfectly - they are our "perfect match", not only to us as husband and wife but to us and our friendship. They both think their wives are crazy and when we get together...even crazier. Not to say they are totally innocent themselves - the men add to the laughter usually by the spilling of things on themselves or the looks they make or comments they say when we tell our jokes! :) My life would not be the same without Amanda and here's to them...I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Amanda with her wine and water

Scott, flippin the burgers. Smokin the Bacon. Dropping the "flipper" three times. :)

After dinner, so stuffed, story time!

Everyone needs cant take mine! MUAH! I love you!