Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Family Weekend...They are my World!

So, this weekend we went to Burnet...again...and we will be there even again in two weeks. But, enough of our travel agenda...

We went this weekend because Brandon had an awards ceremony, it was Jennifer's 26th birthday and Wyatt and I were planning on picking up some furniture. All got accomplished but furniture. I changed my mind, go figure! ;)

Friday, Jen and I left with the kids. We got about 2/3rds the way there when sunshine woke up...
She was so see me, of course! It made for a really good trip. Between Karlie sleeping and Kaden enjoying the DVD screen/player from MeMaw and PePaw, the trip seemed really...quiet.

We made it to Burnet around 3...Our husbands followed around 9...someone has to work a full day :) AND THE FUN BEGINS...

love all around the house...Mom loves being MeMaw!

Brandon built a 150 foot slipping slide down a hill into a lake by the house. This picture is him going down the crazy huge slide. TOO FUN! What a way to say goodbye to the last few days of his senior year!

Saturday was spent in the great outdoors! MeMaw bought the cutest little pool, which PePaw, Wyatt and I blew up! The inflator we had did not do a thing! Talk about being light headed! Karlie was not a huge fan of playing alone, in my lap is the closest she got to the water...Kaden on the other hand was a fish. He played till I literally picked him up and took him out...then he ate and fell asleep. He plays hard. Go hard or go home, as Brandon says.

One of my favorite things to do in Burnet is go to the Epicenter. My dad has an overwhelming gift of ministry. He is without a doubt the best speaker I have ever heard. If you are longing for a spiritual reconnection, to go "deeper" in the Word, or to just be in the presence of our Father, it is worth a trip to the Hill Country. I know a great Bed and Breakfast if your interested :) Really.

One of my hobbies is to buy things for my niece and nephew. Kaden usually gets trucks, colors, noise makers etc...Karlie gets girlie things. Take for instance, this precious pink dress...just one of her many summer dresses from aunt Kyla. Jen thinks this is too girlie...I say, just wait till I get her in ballet! Black leotard and pink tights here we come!

He looked so cute in his hat I had to take the photo op! Since Kaden wouldn't do it without Brandon, we all got a shot! Yes, Brandon's shirt says UMHB...he is following his sister and brother in law...B will soon be a Crusader. We are so proud of him. He had to make a huge decision on where to play baseball in college...he felt God moving him to Belton. We will be there to cheer him on at will be there too...just a couple days later and as a blog reader not a spectator...unless you want to join!?!

At Brandon's awards ceremony we were all there...even my MeMe. See the line? MeMe, mom to MeMaw; MeMaw, mom to Jen; and Jen, mom to Karlie...I am just the aunt!

Brandon is the reigning MVP and now add to that Offensive (and Defensive) we question his talent? Gotta love him!

My family is my world...cant you tell?

This week's prayer request:
To fill my flesh with what I fill my soul...God's love is abundant. He is all we need.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I love my love Bug and Kaden!

Hello everyone...We had another "normal" week. Nothing too bizarre in our lives. We spent our days working...sleeping...working...sleeping...sounds really fun, huh?!?! There was some restaurant time, reading, TV, softball and exercising in there, too! :)

Saturday, Charlie (brother-in-law) had a surprise party for Jenn (sister) and her 26th birthday! She had a day full of beauty then a night full of family and friends! That means pics of Kaden and Karlie...I love being an aunt! :)

He RAN to me when we came through the door!! I love that feeling!

Her new thing, you ask, "How old are you, Karlie?" She does precious.

Just about nap time...Wyatt holds the sleepy one...

He definitely wasn't sleepy!

Not nap time, wrestling time! This lasted about 20 minutes, nonstop. Wyatt was worn out. Kaden 1 : Wyatt 0

Awake and in her new dress!

profile shot...sooo pretty!

Me and the birthday girl!

Kaden loves me because he gets WHATEVER he wants, even if that means a RED cupcake! Next came bath time! ;) And, in order to get Kaden in the bath means you have to have a good game to play while in there...this time it was the 'car wash' he was the "grave digger" monster truck and I was the water hose...we made a mess! It was so worth it!


I made it a point to do really good for mothers day this year, I am still trying to get out my HUGE 'thank you' to Wyatt's and my parents for our amazingly huge wedding! We sent a huge tulip bouquet to my mom and spent the day with Wyatt's mom. We had our pre-school class at church, but after that we met for lunch with the Sbrusch fam and then headed to their place for an afternoon outdoors! We helped his mom with her rose garden, shredded the pasture but mostly just hung around the BBQ with snacks, food, and drinks and talked! It was such great weather and great company! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, Denise!

Wyatt and I will head to Burnet next weekend for Brandon's award ceremony. He has signed his letter of intent for college baseball and we are so proud of him...May is definitely his month to shine! I cannot believe he is graduating!

My mom will get her mom's day next weekend, Jen will get another birthday celebration and B will get awards...what do I get?? MORE TIME WITH MY NIECE AND NEPHEW!! LOL...until then...

This week's prayer requests:
1. Stability in everyday life
2. God's presence felt in love and life
3. Guidance and good decision making...

Love and prayers to all!!! We love you!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Meet Jacob...and the Needville Senior Prom Queen!

Meet Jacob...

Wyatt and I played mom and dad this weekend to a little angel named Jacob. He is so precious and probably one of the easiest babies you could ever watch. He rarely fusses and is indestructible. In our home, the dining room leads into the living room by double french doors with glass panes; Jacob ran smack into it going full force and got knocked back onto his tears, not even a whimper. He just laughed hysterically! (Along with Wyatt and I) :)
Wyatt and I learned alot from this little how to love life, smile at everything, have no fears and enjoy every minute! The only minutes I didnt love quite so much were the few HOURS I was up with him throughout the night when he wanted milk, to be rocked, just to be loved...whatever. But, he got whatever he wanted and more. So did Wyatt, he got the, around 7 am Wyatt strolled into the living room where I was rocking a sound asleep baby and asked if was his shift yet, I laughed and told him he could start the coffee! My moms response to that story was "it will be different when it is yours" We will see...I have faith in him ;)

In other news...Brett came home from Baylor for his GF's Senior Prom. Elizabeth is one year younger than Brett ( Brett is 5 years younger than Wyatt) . Brett is currently studying Aviation Science at Baylor and has made the Dean's List this year! His GF Elizabeth graduates in June and is headed to Blinn in College Station. Their weekend was PROM WEEKEND! I remember those days! Their group of four took the King Ranch for the "country limo" look...very cute, just look at them!

cute. cute. cute.

You know me and the kiss picture! :)

kisses all around!

I caught this one when they werent looking...such a photographer!

Please be nice with my truck!! We want it back in one piece!