Friday, June 27, 2008

What Wyatt and I have been up to...

Well, HELLO EVERYONE!! I am so glad to finally sit down and blog a little. Wyatt and I really haven't had much change...we just are constantly busy with work and keeping up with friends and family!
We recently started our first bible study with our church! This is Wyatt's and my first "young marrieds" bible study! We are so excited! At our first gathering, we were asked to fill out a note card of what we "expected" from the study ... needless to say I was caught when I tried to look at what Wyatt wrote...apparently that is cheating!?! LOL! BUT I did get a glimpse and the first few words were "strengthen our marriage" I wanted to cry; I was so happy to finally start what we had been praying for for almost a year now! Everyday I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband, I am so excited for our future, our children and our family! I will keep you posted!
Our little home has had a few little changes. I am still working on the father-in-law for my renovated bathroom...I think I am getting closer to the yes I am aiming for. Probably more so because he knows I wont settle for not getting what I want... eventually...anyone who knows me knows, I know how to get my way! I mean that in the least selfish way possible :) Last week I bargained with my hubbo and my brother-in-law to help me with the flower beds and potted plants. Wyatt also got the exciting job of being on the tractor spreading gravel! It was worth it! Living in the country means dirt roads...without gravel my floors seem to hold more and more dirt which means I have to clean more...big No NO!

Wyatt and I are starting to talk about moving again...we will see. I see that whole thing being a slow process. I guess you can say we aren't in any kind of a hurry but are ready for a move...I guess it is all in God's timing! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers on the matter, just that our mind will clear of distraction and focused on His plans, not ours. I think it would be easy for me to get carried away with a new house...Wyatt nods...I don't think our bank accounts would like that so much!

We are counting down the days until our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! I cannot believe it has been that long. What a year! Wyatt is in charge of our "get away", I am pretty positive he is getting a little help from my mom...who better to plan a vacation for me than the two people who know me the best?!?! Everybody will definitely be hearing about that looking for it around JULY 21!! Another trip you all can start praying for is our upcoming vacation to Jamaica! Safe travel is always a prayer request of ours...if we aren't in the truck between Needville and Austin, we are in a plane going overseas! Traveling is one of my passions...I think it is rubbing off on Wyatt!

Until later...all our love and prayers for you and your families! God Bless!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To my dad...this one is all for you!

Happy Father's Day!
I love you for loving me enough to raise me right. I know at times it probably wasn't easy!

A lot of Dad's today are getting a steak dinner and games of golf are starting your most busy, hectic, stressful time of the year! Camp has kicked off...
Know that even though I am not there with you in person my heart is there and I am praying for you with every thought.

I am blessed to have you as my dad, you as my role model of what a Man should be. I thank God daily for you and mom...without you I would not have the life I have today.

" He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."

Welcome Home Newlyweds!!

Wyatt and I got to hang out with the new Mr and Mrs Justin McCoy this weekend! Finally my bestie is back in TEXAS!! Although she now resides in Austin when they visit in-laws (Sugar Land) or when we visit my parents (Austin) we get to play! This weekend was great...since neither of us celebrate "Fathers Day" in our little two-person family we spent time celebrating friendships!

There they are...the happy Married couple!

Another happy, married couple! Yeah for love!

Before dinner the boys bet on the Golf game ... we werent interested. Ashley just posed for a snap shot on the way back outside!

Who knows...I am just glad they are two peas in a makes spending this much time with my lady even better! Our husbands entertain each other well! LOL!

The McCoys will go back to Austin Sunday. *tear* But, it wont be too long before we meet again, considering Sunday morning will be spent by the boys on the golf course and us in the Sugar Land shopping Center...But after that...hopefully not too long before we get to catch up again...
I love you, Ashley!

Wyatt and I are extremely blessed by all our friends, so here is a prayer for you know who you are.

Girls Night Out!

Finally, it came...GIRLS NIGHT OUT!! My first one as a married woman...but definitely not the last! I met up with the girls around 6 and we had a blast! We started with drinks, went to Greenway Plaza for Sex and the City, then back to Rice village to end the night. All the while the men played poker...go figure. I had such a great time with are some fun shots!

Pretty Party Planner!

Me and Lori at the theatre! Gotta love Diet Coke!

Mojitos! They were so good! We did share ;)

Meet Melanie...I think she is new to my blog! She is a great girlfriend that actually is also from Needville! Her and Wyatt grew up together and she met up with Amanda at Texas A&M...small world, but so cool! She is one of the coolest chicks I know! Sorry, Mel...I know this picture caught you off guard! This was right before the straw stuck to her lips and fell out onto her lap! I rolled laughing!

This night was amazing! We can thank Tonya Leiva and Amanda Olson for putting it all together!
I cannot wait till the next one!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brandon Graduates...not so 'little' anymore!

Family portrait...minus the additions!

Me and the graduate.

What STUDS!!

Hubbo. Brother. Me. I love my boys!

AARON WATSON!!...a little graduation celebration!

Three is never a crowd with these three!

Cousin, Erin; Jen, B, fun.

Congratulations are in order for my little brother!! Not just because he graduated HS, I mean that is pretty much expected, but because he has grown to be such a Godly man. I have watched him grow from little annoying brother to drummer in a band! Literally...I am so impressed by his relational skills, personality, self confidence, Godliness and drive. He is one of the most motivated men I know. Brandon graduates HS with 9 hours of college credit, 15,000 in scholarship and with a seat on the college baseball team! He has worked so hard and deserves all the ego he can get...for now. LOL...

So, off to good 'ole Belton he goes - in his new F150, he takes on his new baseball team, new friends, new life challenges and new goals...GRADUATE COLLEGE!!

All my love and so many prayers for my only brother!
We LOVE you so much!

Memorial Day/Mr and Mrs Justin McCoy...I know I am so LATE!!

Better late than never?!? LOL...I am so sorry to all my 2 blog readers that this post is so late...we have been a bit busy. But, here are some fun pics from Memorial Day weekend!

Hanging out in Needville...I have fallen in love with the country, simple life!

So has Jayda!

Me and Wyatt, laying on the grass...peaceful.


Swimming with Samantha and Clay...these are funny!

Its just the bathing suit;)

yes, those are peace signs. LOL


Samantha was trying to get in the boys' basketball game, Clay was trying to tell her the goggles dont help your vision above water! HAHA


Alot of our time was spent at wedding festivities for one of my best friends...I was so honored to be apart of her wedding not only because of our friendship but I got the opportunity to share my wedding gown! How many moms wait there lives for their daughters to wear their gown...I waited less than a year! I cant blame her...It was the most amazing gown ever...I'm not biased?!

Fellow nurses, and a teacher.

the soon to be bride and me...toast time!

Wedding day! getting her all tied up!