Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Weekend!

As many of you already read, Friday night was spent with friends on the lake! Saturday was spent recovering and Sunday was spent with more friends...the 'little' kind! :)

Meet Aidan and fishermen of the week! A couple of Sundays ago, I started a bad trend...I was playing pretend and made "fishing poles" with legos and string. Now, everytime we are the Sunday School teachers the boys know exactly where to go to get the "poles" ready and they stand on the slide and wait for me to pull on the line, when I give the tug, they real in...

These were MASSIVE fish! We even pulled in some cars and snakes! It was actually really funny!

Meet Hollie, this little girl will run you ragged...can't you tell by the ringlet curls and tattoos everywhere! She even has Ariel (The Little Mermaid) on her belly! I LOVE HER! For some reason the wild kids are my favorite...go figure. I just cant wait to see what kind of kid God has in store for my own!

And Jacob...Wyatt's favorite. So mello; give him gold fish and he is FINE FOR THE MORNING...we have kept this little love before and we would do it again in a heartbeat! I still believe that one day...maybe not so far away...I will be a foster mom. We can talk more about that later!

Next Subject: Sam's new favorite grocery store!

Sam and Clay joined and we went as 'guests' after church Sunday. We had to make some BIG decisions...

Charmin or Angel Soft? LOL! 48 or 64 rolls? 2-ply or 4? HOLY CRAP! I never knew there were that many options on toilet paper!

And after...two buggies and $300 dollars later, we will not have to be at HEB for a LONG TIME!

That concluded our Sunday...

This week at a glance:
Monday: Mens league softball, pray for Wyatt's bones to hold up! :)
Tuesday: Bible Study! One of our highlights, we are just scratching the surface of a great study! The conversations are great and the company is amazing. I love getting to know people that understand "us"...the real "us". Pray for God's guidance and open hearts. Lord knows Wyatt and I still have a lot to learn!
Wednesday: WE LEAVE FOR THE RIVER! Of course, we have to start our day with the crap called work, but it will end with a week vacation! Much needed and much anticipated! Pray for safety.

Back to Monday...don't remind me! LOL...see y'all later! Have a great week and I will pray for everyone, as I always do. We love y'all!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ode to Ashley

Not many people have TRUE friends...I mean friends that know EVERYTHING about them, their past: braces and band camp, first cars and first boyfriends; present: decisions about life, money issues, work perils; and future aspirations: homes, kids, vacations... and still stick around through thick and thin. Since Wyatt and I got married (over ONE YEAR ago) I have come into contact with some of the most genuine people that are really GREAT friends...but Ashley, she is twelve years worth of memories, twelve years of stupid "girl" problems and make-ups, through guy trouble, college and even through each others' here we are still friends that have a true BLAST together! Wyatt and I spent the night with Ashley and her husband last night and had one of the funnest nights we have had in a while...boat rides, swimming in the lake, talking and eating it was a night that made me thankful for one of the true blessings God gives, friendship! Great times and great memories...true love.

Monday, July 21, 2008

365 days later...

Well, it has been one whole year since the day Wyatt and I said "I do"...I cannot believe it. I am in awe at the many memories I still have from that special day as if it were yesterday! What a fast year it has been!
To celebrate, I left the planning to Wyatt! Since we are taking a vacation to Jamaica in September, and we have been involved in about 1 million weddings since our own one year ago I figured something simple was in order...I was underestimating my husband!
Last Friday I woke up and had to go to a dentist appointment...but Wyatt had informed a friend of his plans and she had packed my bags Thursday, so long story short I wasnt just going to the dentist! After my appointment Wyatt met me in the parking lot and told me to "buckle up"...I knew two things, 1 - I do not like not knowing the plan BUT 2- I was SUPER excited that for once I really had no idea what was going on! we drove for about an hour to a little czech restaurant where we got breakfast kolaches and coffee! Then it was back in the car for about 2 hours...

First Stop...

I have not been to an amusement park in YEARS! I was so excited! (Now I knew why Wyatt was okay with my buying a new bathing suit the other day!) We parked and headed inside...One of the best investments we made that day was the FLASH PASS! We were able to buy a pass that literally took us to the front of the line on EVERY roller coaster! We rode all eleven roller coasters in three and a half hours! Anyone who knows me and my lack of patience can really understand what a blessing that was!! after having one of the most memorable afternoons of my life we headed to the waterpark for a little R & R...not so much! It was really crowded in the lazy river...I wish there was a section in the water park for ADULTS ONLY...just another check on the side of "not ready for kids yet"!!

About 6ish we left the park and headed to my next surprise...

The Historic St. Anthony Grand! This was an amazing hotel! I have stayed in MANY hotels in my life and am pretty particular about where we lay our head...Wyatt chose a spectacular one!

After unloading the bags Wyatt quickly noticed we had forgotten all our hanging clothes! One of those memories that you could have done without...I started crying, of course, because Wyatt had worked so hard and I was so emotionally overwhelmed that that little mishap triggered some kind of out of control emotional response! LOL...such a girl.
We went to the River Walk for dinner Friday evening then went back to the hotel where another surprise rang our doorbell...

this was accompanied with the remote to the DVD player that proceeded to play our wedding DVD! Wyatt worked hard, didn't he!?! Such a great husband!

Saturday morning started with breakfast! An amazing buffet with all I could ask for! Then we headed out to shop...

some for fun and some for replacements! :)

After shopping we headed back to the hotel where I thought we were going to nap...not so much! Surprise!!!

Massages! They were so great! Another special memory.
Next came dinner! A fun little spot on the riverwalk...

And a little love walk just to enjoy eachother and the time we have together!

Sunday came too quickly! Sunday morning we attended the biggest cathedral in San was massive!

...coming home was bittersweet, I knew that coming home meant the carefree weekend was over but I also knew that I was starting the countdown to the second, best year of my life! I cannot tell what God has in store for us in the future but I do know that when I am with Wyatt, my life is complete, solid, happy and so full of love! So, happy one year anniversary to my one and only...I love you and look forward to the many more years to come!

And to all of our friends and family that sent us cards, emails, phone calls...THANK YOU! Our wedding would not have been so memorable with out you and our lives would not be the same without your prayers and friendships! We love all of you and look forward to the years of memories to come!

P.S. this is the picture I got when we got home...

I guess we had to face it sometime!! But on the bright side, we got NEW CLOTHES!

Love and Prayers...

Wyatt and Kyla Sbrusch...Mr and Mrs for ONE YEAR!! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another fun weekend and a few random thoughts...

Last weekend was GREAT! It started with a trip to the intercoastal waters of Texas...Chinquapin to be exact. Yes, it is just as it sounds...LOL. Really, we had a great time just relaxing and hanging out. Then, Saturday we came back to Sugar Land for the birthday/House warming party at the new Olson residence! Amanda did a GREAT job of decorating and picking out all the extra trimmings for their newly built home! After the party Melanie, Phil and his new fiance Jamie, Wyatt and I headed to Baker Street for a little late night-cap. We love you guys!

All the beautiful women!

Wyatt and Phil

Me and my panda...i love you!

Gotta love the pup!

The always classy, Melanie!

Jamie, Mel and Phil

Yes Scott, we know it is your birthday...and he needed the bib!

Husband and

After a late Saturday night, my hubbo and I got up and taught the preschool class at church Sunday. This is something we really enjoy! This Sunday we had the privilege of having about 16 total...8 boys. It made for a fast morning, but a very exciting one! One of my little girls decided to say "ass". That kind of deterred our lesson from Soloman's Temple to " well, how about we say Hiney?!" But, like we say...GREAT BIRTH CONTROL!

Sunday afternoon was filled with Swimming pools and a little first aid...if you are reading this and know Avery Kuchera, ask him about his foot the next time you see him! We capped that night off at my in-laws eating with friends and family. Every Sunday Wyatt's parents BBQ some really good food and it is a great 'closer'/'start' of the week. Possibly better for me because I do not have to cook, clean or care about whats for dinner!

Monday was boring..same old crap. But Tuesday night was Bible Study! Another great discussion about marriage and selfishness. I know what you are thinking, 'Kyla, selfish, NO!' My thoughts exactly...ok, maybe not. But, I am working on it! Wyatt and I are so blessed by this group. Not only because they stem from the amazing church family God has given us but they help us to know of five other couples that go through the same "life" as we do. We can share our troubles, joys and just our thoughts and be supported, not judged, by people that are right there with us. We are so encouraged by this just the three weeks we have met, Wyatt and I have really grown! Our prayer life is finally taking off! Something I have wanted to start for a while but never had the push to say is an extremely intimate connection between husband and wife that took us ONE YEAR to really appreciate.

Now for some random thoughts...

Random thought #1:

Wyatt and I are counting down the days till the BIG ONE!! Yes, thats right...ONE YEAR AGO Monday, July 21, 2007, I said 'I do' to my favorite husband! :) I know Wyatt has planned a trip but I do not know where to so, plan to come back and check out the pictures some time next week!

Random #2

Work sucks...I am counting down to the day I get to be a mom. Don't get me wrong, I love my profession - nursing is very gratifying, but working is NOT my favorite. One day I will have babies, maybe start school nursing or maybe, just maybe, fulfill my dreams of being a foster mom! For those updates you will probably have to wait a while...sorry.

Random #3

Some friends of ours just closed on their first house! This isn't the first couple to buy/build a new house in our circle of loved ones but, these two in particular have been struggling with the market. They needed acreage for their horses and a house but had a budget...I kept telling her God will provide when the time is right...ITS RIGHT! CONGRATS TO SAM AND CLAY! I will have pics of that pretty soon!

Random #4

I am voting for McCain, without a doubt, hands down.

I hate to end the blog on that note...I hate

a verse for you to meditate on this week...
“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”
(Proverbs 11:14)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hanging out at camp...And going back to where it all started!!

So, this last weekend my sister and I made the drive with the kids to Brownwood, TX to meet up with my family who have all been doing the "camp" thing for the last three weeks...this will make week number 4 ... very tiring, but very worth it! For the past 18 years my family has sacrificed summer to camp! It is a wonderful experience...just another blessing I can count. We serve a wonderful God and I thank Him even more for my family as I continue to grow and see what a powerful leader He is through my father. I have sat in awe of my dads teaching for my entire life, but I just recently have been able to really grasp God through him. I know that sounds weird...that I just now get it...but I really think that I am really climbing higher in my spirituality in the last few months. I am not sure if I should attribute that to "wisdom with age" or just really praying for an "open" heart. I am at His mercy...I feel as though when I can give it ALL up my life runs a little smoother! I encourage anyone who holds tightly to past sin or anger or pride to give God a stab at it...I can guarantee He will spread it as far as the East is from the West!

On the way home, I met up with my hubbo in Marlin, TX just to grab a quick bite and head out to Otto, TX where we spent the next several hours clearing land where a mobile home will soon stand! Finally, dreams coming true...this is the land Wyatt proposed on, the 300 acres where he promised to make me the happiest woman in the world! It is definitely hard work but the land is coming together and soon will be a great "go and chill" weekend getaway! If anyone is interested in a quiet weekend get-a-way where the stars are so bright you would think the full moon was out just let us know...we can plan a have to give is time to get the house out there though! (about 3 months, it should be ready!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sometimes you find the neatest things...

Usually I do not even open email with the letters FW in the subject box. Usually I discard them with the expectation that I just saved myself a few minutes of wasted time, BUT, I received an email from a friend and it was the neatest little "glipse" into my life. It is odd how on target it actually was...

...that is MY result.

To try one for yourself:

click on my link and look toward the bottom of the page for the "redo" button...

When you click on the link, a series of about 15 pictures will come up. Click on a photo in that category that appeals to you.
Again 15 pictures will come up, click the one for you and move on. Just continue to keep picking.
At the end it will give you a profile of yourself.... It's called a visual DNA.... Your choices dictate your profile.

Let me know what you think...