Thursday, August 28, 2008

My "sweet" surprise!

Once again, my husband hits a "sweet spot" in my heart! Getting to know me, you would quickly learn that one of my favorite gifts from my wedding were my Nova Brown Ice Cream Bowls (Thank you, Mrs. Gray!) Today, I was told we had to make a trip to pick up the boat...I wasn't told where it was until we were headed out the door. Where was it? Brenham! So, as we started down the road and headed out of town I thought to myself, "this is going to be a long day!" NOT SO MUCH! It was a FANTASTIC day! We did have to drive an hour-and-a-half to get the boat but, on the way we ate some good 'ol Mexican food and after connecting the boat to the truck we headed to a great surprise!

My first Blue Bell Tour!

This was the first refrigerated car for transporting! Gotta love History!

HELLO BLUE BELL! I was so excited! I have always been a huge fan of ice cream. I attribute this ever-growing butt of mine to the taste of the sweet treat! I remember my grandmother, God rest her soul, would have 3 o'clock coffee and we would get Blue Bell! And you better believe it was ALWAYS Blue Bell! Two lessons she taught that always stick in my head...
1. Never pass up Blue Bell on sale and 2. Only buy Red Baron frozen pizza!
Don't ask why! My sister can name our very first address, tell story after story of memories I have no clue about and give names and birthdates of many of our "mutual" friends BUT, I can tell you BLUE BELL is the best and RED BARON is the only pizza we buy!

The tour was great. About 45 minutes and CHEAP! We only paid $3 each for a ticket and that included the guided tour and a sweet treat at the end! :) I also went through the giftshop and bought three things...a koozie, a T-shirt and a post card (family tradition) all-in-all, including the tickets we spent $27.00 !! You cannot beat that!

Our treats!

My loot!

If you are looking to fill an afternoon with something fun, if you are driving through Brenham and have a little time or if you are a fanatic for Blue Bell GO! It was a perfect afternoon!

Me, walking the Jersey Cow with the little real life I am good at walking cows!

Thanks Wyatt!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jeremiah 29:11

I think the title says it all, but for those who ever doubt or question our 'Elohim' keep reading...

Elohim, in the Greek, was used to describe the power and majesty of a 'One True God'. It was said that the Hebrew language was incapable of describing the 'infinite God' in any other way than to use this reference...He was a God that continued to deliver the Hebrew people time and time again...even still today!

For as long as I can remember I have "lived by faith" and by that I have lived by my parents faith. Not that that is a bad thing, I mean their faith has molded my own, but in the last 12 months my faith has been ever tested and ever faith-full! Our God is infinite...not only in power, might, and wisdom but in promises kept that were made before "life as we know it" even existed. In Jeremiah 29:11...literally written back in the 'Before Christ' era God said, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"...what does that mean and WHY am I dedicating a blog to it?
Answer: I have continuously blogged about how my plan is not Gods plan...blah blah blah...well this blog is my proof that God answers prayers and His timing is always perfect.

God needs to be sought first. He needs to be the starting point of our decision making process. He alone is powerful enough to go before us and show us the way we should go. For a year Wyatt and I have tried to make plans, build a home with successful careers and a strong family and for a year we have believed that God will prevail, He will come through in the clutch, with Him our Hope is secure and steadfast! Today, Our long hours of prayer have been answered. Wyatt received his long awaited job offer from Nalco Company in Sugar Land! He starts within the month and we could not be more elated! No more so-so jobs, no more tears of uncertainty...isn't it funny how when you lay it all down...I MEAN ALL DOWN...God blesses us!

He wants our WHOLE LIFE! How many times did I sit and hear my dad speak those exact words? And how many times have I thought, "He holds everything" but in reality I still had my career and my dream for a "perfect" life? In the last month Wyatt and I have given it all up, literally. We have lived off nothing, scraped the bottom, tithed in faith even though we knew the money was a stretch...whatever metaphor you want to use...and when you think your empty, God takes a little more. When you are empty, GOD PROVIDES. I can honestly say without Him, this would have never happened. We wouldn't be looking at a budget with the numbers higher than we know what to do with, we wouldn't be crying through tears of shear joy and pride for accomplishing the ultimate feel God's presence. To know that the joy we have has only one Source, Jesus Christ. It is by Him we are saved and through Him we live. Really.

I urge all of you reading, if you know God, and you know Love, get to know the LOVE OF GOD! It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. We are living proof. I am not saying we are now fact we are far from it. We still have our struggles that we are dealing with, but what an encouragement it is to feel God and have the power to face another day! In faith, in believing that His plan in perfect.

I need to put God first in my life. Whether things are going good or bad, I need to be spending time with God. He doesn't want me to turn to Him just when I think I need help. He wants me to put Him in charge of everything I do. I will praise Him no matter what the matter what the matter what the cost.

Thank you mom and dad for providing me the foundation needed to experience such a divine blessing, thank you Wyatt, for trusting with me and growing with me for the past year+, I cannot wait for what is in store! Thank you MeMe for being a constant source of blessing, encouragement and Faith. Thank you friends and family for continued prayers, encouragement and memories...
Most importantly, thank you Jesus for breathing the breath of life, for sacrificing it all for us. We deserve nothing, yet You give us everything! You are the reason I live.

WOW...I think that is my longest blog yet! In tradition I will leave you with a picture...

Scarred for Life...In every meaning.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."
-Proverbs 19:21

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Phil!

One of our friends...also newly engaged...just celebrated a birthday! We got together with some friends to celebrate and had a blast! Just another weekend full of memories and fun! It really is times like these that make Wyatt and I feel so blessed.

Phil and Jamie, with their niece...

Some of the gang...adam, melanie, amanda and scott...

The Birthday Boy, blowing out the candle!

now, at Olives...more party, less talk

These two are getting married in Mexico! We cant wait!

Two of the greatest people...Mr and Mrs Urbanek! (Phil's mom and dad)

Yep! Ashley was in town! And, of course, out with me!

Justin and Wyatt

Phil with his mom...that's her baby boy!

~The Girls~
Nancy, Melanie, Ashley, Kyla, Amanda, Jamie


Congratulations Vanessa and Heath!

So...another wedding! This weekend we went to see Vanessa V and Heath L say their "I Do's"! It was a beautiful wedding...and a great party! Here are some quick snaps!

The beginning of the best toast I have ever heard...from her maid of honor! :)

Isn't she lovely!

Love me some Kaden!

Love me some Wyatt!

she wants it...

bringing it to her height...

Loving her some CAKE!

Wyatt and I have been extremely busy lately! What's new, right?! Our weekends are still FULL of weddings and showers and PLENTY of stuff to do! Starting last weekend, we are solid booked through the end of September...I will try and post pictures of all our events being that most of them are weddings and we all know what kind of beautiful pictures are made at weddings!

I hope everyone is doing well! All our love and prayers...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another weekend, full of showers and pre-schoolers!

So, this is a little late but, better late than never!

Some of the funnest times are just around the corner and Wyatt and I are in constant motion getting ready with all the pre-parties and gift giving and such. This past weekend was no different. We started the weekend with a last minute trip to Otto, Tx for Wyatt and a Saturday FULL of wedding showers for me...

Brooke, the bride to be, is planning for JAMAICA!!

All nurses...all friends...all going to JAMAICA!!

We were given the task of making Brooke a wedding gown out of TP, my model won...the theme, Couture. LOL!

All the gifts...Notice the luggage, I thought that was the most appropriate gift to give considering we are off to JAMAICA!!

More gifts...a very unique one was the bird cage FULL OF MONEY! :)

Later that night, Wyatt and I caught back up with each other at home in Needville just to dress and get to the next shower...

Two of our closest friends, Samantha and Clayton.

Time for gifts!

Notice the cooler. Wyatt wasn't okay with giving Sam and Clay there table settings, plates etc.. so they were wrapped in Wyatt's gift. The Igloo Cooler. Classic Needville.

There date is March 2009...that will make 9 weddings for Wyatt and I, more if you count the weddings we aren't taking part in! Definitely GREAT times...expensive, but priceless.


To wrap it up, here are some pictures from Sunday. We just love our Pre School class! This week we had a whopping 17 kids! It was a MAD HOUSE! But full of great memories and such a growing experience...


See Saw...dont let that smile fool you...she is a HANDFUL! One of my favorites :)

This was there last class with us...going to Kindergarten!

Do you think we have enough toys!?

Notice the line of goldfish on the fence... so cute.

Until next time...God Bless! We love y'all!

I have the BEST HUSBAND!

Okay, I am going to brag a little.

Today, I came home to this...

A glass of wine...

A husband cooking...

Fish fillets baking in the oven...

Did I mention the bottle of Wine?

So, today was a big day for me. It was the last day of the worst job I have ever had and the first day of my "leap" of faith. If you know me, I mean really know me, then you know that I like organization. I like plans. I like ABC order, color codes...all of that. (Probably a huge part of why I chose a career that requires organization and time management) Today, I leaped out of my "normal" and decided it was time to follow God's plan, even if that Plan isn't mapped out like I would like it to be! For the past 8 months I have worked in a place that compromised my standards, compromised my personality, integrity and most of all my Faith. I do not agree with the practices that were apart of the practice I was apart of and decided, after MANY prayers and long discussions with my husband, that I could not degrade my self any more. Today was my last day!

It was to the point that I would drive to work in the morning, get to a certain point in the drive where I felt my mood change, my attitude would shift and my defenses would build. I was so unhappy with the 'Kyla' that showed up at work but I could never quit because there was no back-up...there was no PLAN! Finally, God won, like He always does. After many days and nights of anger to the point of tears I thought to myself...I live 'by faith' but have so little faith. What a hypocrite I was. Not any more. Thank You Jesus, for showing me the POWER of your love!


I did it. Two weeks ago I put in my two weeks and today was D-Day. I left my job for the last time and I came home to a husband who had spent that last few hours preparing dinner! It was Wyatt's way of saying, I am so proud...I totally support you...I love you. And it said all that and more. I couldn't be more blessed. I couldn't be more at Peace. I couldn't be more in love.

Monday, August 4, 2008

We Be Floatin'

Hello New Braunfels! Wyatt and I took a long weekend to float the river. It was so relaxing...and SO HOT! Our Sbrusch side of the family was with us along with a few more friends. Our days were spent floating and our evenings spent...SLEEPING! Wyatt and I felt so old when every night we were showered and tucked in our camper by 1030! Even our parents out-partied us! LOL...but we out partied them ALL DAY LONG! :)

Brett and Wyatt...two of my favorite people!

My mother in law being my pedicurist. I thought my toes could use some designs! She made and exceptional flower on my toe! :)

Me and my hubby outside of Grueene Hall.

After dinner at the Gristmill, we went to an ice cream parlor! YUMMY!

At the dam on the Guadalupe. Elizabeth, Brett's GF and me.

Tim and great in-laws!

Elizabeth's family! Elizabeth, Rocky, Mike and Morgan Christ.


Me and my Brooke! This was a chance meeting...made my day even better!


Wyatt and I have become quite the road warriors! As much as we love traveling and seeing friends and family there is nothing quite like our own home and own bed, I guess until next weekend...