Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Julie, Clay, Samantha, Terri, Randy, Keri, Jessica, Justin, Kyla, Wyatt

I know I am late...but an update for anyone who thought I was going to chicken out...

I DID IT!! I leaped off a barrel onto a moving horse!
I will try and get the video uploaded soon, we looked fabulous! We finished 5th overall...not too shabby for my first rodeo!

As for the rest of the week...I will be a spectator. I cannot handle the pain of being a "#1 Stunt-girl" (get the joke, LOL )

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rodeo practice!!!

This year Samantha volunteered me to be her "buddy" in the "buddy race" at the 2008 Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo! At first I was pretty scared, but after my practice run yesterday I am super excited! I never thought riding a horse could make my body feel this sore but I will be a trooper for my buddy, Sam! Here a some photos of our practice session...be looking for pics from this weekend and the actual rodeo!

Me and Elizabeth riding 'Dudley'

Brett...looking all college-boy! Love him!

Clay, practicing his calf rope and tie down

Brett chillin on the tractor and me and elizabeth riding solo...

Brett riding...yeah, barefoot and shorts :)

me, practicing! Sam teaching me how the horse will round the barrel!

I love my life!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Wyatt and I just got back from an amazing trip to the beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica!

(That is a real photo from our camera...not a postcard!)

We stayed at the Sandals Resort there and couldn't have planned it any better! Although, at first we were scarred because we knew it was smack-dab in the middle of their hurricane season we quickly found out the weather in Jamaica is always beautiful! It is sunny in the morning and clouds up around 3 for an afternoon shower, after a little rain the island is cool enough to enjoy relaxing, romantic dinners with the white sand under your toes! It was like a second honeymoon!

The main reason for our trip was that our friends were getting married! Congrats to Brooke and Jeff!! The newest Mr. and Mrs. in our lives...

don't worry, to all my frequent readers, you will still have the pleasure of reading about more weddings to come! :) This next weekend is rodeo weekend, but the next starts a three weekend wedding extravaganza!! I think I am going to make a home video..."Kyla's 27 Dresses"! Be watching for that!! :) Seriously...we have frequent weddings, at least once if not twice a month, all the way to July 4, 2009 in Mexico!! We are already ready for that one...without a doubt will be a party bringing in the new Mr and Mrs Phillip Urbanek!

...back to Jamaica...IT WAS A BLAST! I have soo many photos but blogger is a horrible upload, so here are a few to wet the palate. Then, visit my facebook!

Canopy Tour...

me and brooke...

...flying high through the trees!!

If you give me some time, about a week or so, a website that includes our whole parties' pictures will be created! The groom is going to set that up when he gets back (end of the week) and I will post the link here!


As for me, now, I am doing a BUNCH of laundry...boring. Wyatt started at Nalco today! He has been on salary for a while now but with the Hurricane drama his sales engineering team has been at a stand still...basically he got paid to visit Montego Bay, Jamaica! NOT FAIR! I guess I will reap those benefits anyways but it is pretty sick to think about. :/

Until later...love and prayers to all our readers! I am playing catch-up, reading everyone's blogs so update for me!! I love you all and will talk to you soon...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel and we're gonna get married!

Even though Hurricane Ike threatened to run the spirit of a beautiful bride it certainly did not succeed! My beautiful cousin, Rachael, got married this weekend! Despite the threatening storm, loss of electricity and ugly weather Rachael was a stunning bride and is now Mrs. Cody Perdue!

Rehersal Dinner,
Kristle, Monica, Rachael, Kyla, Sara

The morning of...having our morning Diet Coke!

All ready and waiting!

Finishing touches...isnt she stunning!?!

Rachael and Cody Perdue!!

The weekend was really great. The electricity did go off, but came back on in time for the ceremony! The apartment we stayed in was full of laughter and family all weekend! We made great memories and Rachael will definitely never forget the wedding that happened despite Ike! I love spending time with family, especially when it is important to be together and "safe". This was a one-of-a-kind weekend!!

I hope everyone who was affected by Ike is recovering well. Our prayers are with those who are without power, family, homes etc... God is in control!

Dont forget, there is Hope in the Name of the Lord!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Evacuating in STYLE!!

This weekend has been planned for quite some time now and much like our other weekends includes a wedding! What wasn't planned and not supposed to be included is the HUGE Hurricane that is creeping up to Texas! What a disaster...literally! The traffic getting to Tyler was horrid, the news is scary and most of all, the threat of rain on my cousin's 'outside' wedding is really depressing! We have organized the "back-up" plan and moved the wedding inside but the thought that her wedding could be a mess still haunts Rachael. All I can say is I have always heard that rain on your wedding day was good luck! I am sure it will all work out and be fantastic, just as planned...just in-doors :)

On the bright side...

We have a FABULOUS apartment in Tyler to "evacuate" to. I have spent many hours explaining to Wyatt that I don't just do things, I do them in style! Since learning of the hurricane and that our weekend trip was going to start on Thursday and end ... when the storm passes... I figured why not make a mini vacation out of it! My cousin helped, she agreed with my plan and we found this perfect spot...

The entrance

The Kitchen

Living room

Out to the porch

me and mom

one of the two bedrooms

great bath tub/shower

looking in from the porch...

So, who ever said evacuating had to be a drag? And , NEVER will a wedding in this family be ordinary. I will post again after the wedding has happened with pictures and more stories I am sure...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

a "blah" blog...

Nothing #1

Anyone ever get in a "mood"? I had one today...the mood consisted of two things,
1. Be alone
2. Shop and spend money...
familiar to anyone? There really is no reason for the "mood" except for I am a woman, I guess.

Next Nothing:

My new read:

From what I hear, it is REALLY GOOD! I will keep you updated!

More of nothing:

Since the last blog, Wyatt and I have been extremely busy! If we aren't working, sleeping or eating we are traveling! Sometimes I wish we were traveling somewhere more romantic but for now, I guess Austin, Alvin, Tyler, JAMAICA and Needville will have to do!
September is full of GREAT THINGS! Besides the four weekends of weddings - IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yes, I am celebrating the big 24! I cannot believe I have 24 years of memories! Granted, the first 15 of those are a big blur...I mean who remembers 1st grade? (Actually, my sister)
All joking aside, I have a great life FULL of wonderful friends and memories! It is times like now I wish facebook was around 10 years ago...I would be able to post pics of old friends and memories!! Here are a few I gathered from friends on facebook...

Talk about a blast from the past...this is HIGH SCHOOL CHEER LEADING!! We were so excited to cheer for our Bulldogs in the Astrodome! LOL!! Those were some of the best gf's ever...lots of love!

Lacy, Katie, me, Wyatt, Heather, Lori

Jeff, Mark, Me and Chris!

Okay, so these aren't that old, but they have a great group of high school friends. I think it is pretty neat to think that after four years of college you can still count on friends from high school to celebrate one of the best days of your life!

If I had digital memories of High School you would be in for a treat! HAHA

Well, I guess that is enough nonsense for this "blah" blog! I forgot my camera this weekend so no new pics of our busy weekend but, you better believe the next few weekends will have plenty of pics to make up for it!

Until then...love and prayers my little bloggers!