Thursday, November 20, 2008

. . .

Well, this is an odd post for me because I am really just going to vent a little and write about things on my mind. No pictures, no cute sayings...just me.
I absolutely love the Christmas season. I love the smells, I love the weather, I love the tradition and family time! I, often, find myself sitting and thinking all too deeply about meanings and feelings that come around at Christmas. Why is it that people, every year, become so joyous, eat like crazy just to make a resolution to lose 15 pounds and/or get so angry about things like where the family is going to meet...I mean, shouldn't the "Reason" for this season be celebrated year round and shouldn't we, as Christians, be glee and loving with our families and friends 365 days a year? I think Christmas, or should I say "the holiday", has turned into a big joke. Don't get me wrong, I still love this time of year. I will still have a great tree that smells our little home all holiday-like and I still will get all giddy about Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas traditions and I will probably eat way too much and complain to Wyatt that I need to lose 15 pounds! I just think the thought of Christ and the Reason our season is even here in the first place should be recognized privately and publicly.
Which brings me to my next point. Yes, politics. I am praying for this country daily. I am praying for the future of my family, my children, my nieces and nephews, friends and their loved ones etc... It is pretty bad when my fingers cannot type as fast as my mind is raging about the state of this group we call 'government' and the embarrassment of people we call 'leaders'. Blah...
I am thankful that I serve a mighty God. A God that is faithful and will never leave me. A God that protects me and consumes my fears so I don't have to be afraid. A God that provides me with a loving husband, wonderful family and loving friends. He gave me life, brought me through TONS of memories and gives me new ones everyday...I wish everyone knew Him like I know Him . . .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a day!

It started off simple...

Me and Brooke!

We had a night full of talking, laughing, remembering, venting...

out on the porch...enjoying the quiet of the country and the company of best friends...

We had a morning full of MUD!

Yes, I got it stuck.

This is the shot after we got the neighbor to pull us out! Wyatt was not happy! LOL!

Mud = bad for your truck...or so I was told. So, we took a detour to the car wash before finally getting to Sandy McGees for lunch!

Finally, Brooke and I got to eat! We chatted more and laughed about our morning. Brooke thought my eyes were interesting...

I guess when God decides to make your eyes two different colors that day, you should be for-warned it is going to be a crazy day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More about the life in the Sbrusch home...

When you live in a small town some things are limited when you go to the "Super S". Take band-aids, you can either buy the cheapy brand that falls off, which I cannot stand, or you can get the Johnson & Johnson which is only available in Sponge Bob... HAHAHA!!! And, when you buy Sponge Bob, you get to laugh at your adorable husband when he wears them across his "boo-boo"!

That was Sunday...lets go back a few days...

The end of last week was Full of excitement! I was in the elementary school as a sub and got the privilege of checking for "critters". To make matters worse I sent three little kids home with the little red note that said,"I am sending your child home because I found LICE"! You read right, lice. Fun times. I guess that is what I have to look forward to if the school nurse job is in line with God's plan for my future! :)

Friday night, Wyatt and I made a special trip down the road to the Fighting Bluejay Stadium to watch the HS football team make it to the first round of play-offs! We used to go watch football when Brett was playing but now, things are different. Brett is in college and I am pretty involved with the Needville ISD. It is weird to go and be apart of the town. In the earlier days, when we went to the stadium, Wyatt was "Wyatt Sbrusch, Valentine's grandson" or "Wyatt Sbrusch, Denise Stavinoha's boy" and I was "Wyatt's fiance" or "the girl who goes with Wyatt", small towns are funny like that. Anyway, all that to say, this small town is growing on me. The people are amazing, the schools are structured and disciplined, the community is supported by the entire town! This is definately a place I would love to raise children in...however long from now that may be :)

Saturday night, we went to a wedding shower...a surprise couples shower for the up coming "Mr and Mrs. Trenton McGee". This wedding is the first weekend in December and Wyatt and I have the honor of Best Man and Matron of Honor! Roles we have come to be quite familiar with!

Skip forward...this Friday we leave for Dallas. Another wedding! Never a dull moment here!

I am sorry I do not have more pictures, we still haven't bought a new camera! and the one we have only likes to work sometimes! I promise to make up for the lack of photography later!

Side note--can you believe it is already the middle of November? I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008: Happy Birthday, Amanda!

This year for Halloween, Wyatt and I went to another "newlywed" home to celebrate Amanda's Birthday! I have known Amanda for 14 years! We are both blessed with wonderful husbands that put up with us and enjoy each-others company, we both stood by each other in our very special wedding ceremonies, and we have traveled many places! Needless to say, we are the best of buds and really take any excuse to get together!! Amanda's birthday is November 1st, which has not fallen on a weekend for a while, and giving that it is the day after Halloween what better way to celebrate than to DRESS UP! There were so many people that joined our celebration and they were all in costume! Even if the costume was "I don't do costumes"...

Lessie (Manda's mom) and Richard!

Tiffany and Justin
"Bun in the oven and Bun Maker"...20 weeks and counting!


Amanda and Melanie

Some of the gang...this was kind of early so we were missing alot!

Melanie getting up after cleaning her spilled water! HAHA...this was really funny!

Scott is always that crazy...they are a perfect match!

My "package" was so I took it off. No, I wasn't Under Armor for Halloween!

Sorry for the blur...our camera has never been the same since Jamaica. Maybe this week I will go get another one??
Scott's roomates! Meet hotdog, banana, keg beer :)

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! WK

...p.s., in case you were wondering...

We went as a UPS man and "his package"...

Leave it to Wyatt to be original...I just play along! :)