Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008!


I have been thinking about this blog for a while now, thinking about what to say and how to say it. Needless to say, this blog has been in the "edit" category for about a week! There are so many exciting memories and trips I could talk about ... I cannot believe it has been another year, it was this time last year when I started our family blog with our first post around Thanksgiving. How time flies! When I think back, I remember how busy we have been but struggle to remember all the details! I will try and reminisce a little for you this post...but if I forget anything, the highlights are in the archives of this blog! Fell free to browse!

Wyatt and I started our year with 2 goals in mind: 1. buy/build a home 2. No babies in 08...well, we still live in Needville, in our little country home, no changes there and we are still a family of two and one dog! Maybe this year?! We will keep you updated on house and family!

Wyatt has started a new career with Nalco Company out of Chicago, officing in Sugar Land. He absolutely loves it! He serves a s a chemical sales engineer and couldn't be happier. He spends his days with clients, checking levels, selling chemicals, talking over golf or lunch...depending on the day! His 'normal' Friday consists of 18 holes and a country club lunch. I can't complain, I love the paychecks! ;) God is Good! Wyatt persevered through many 'jobs' before fitting perfectly into a dream 'career'. We are both so thankful!

For me, this year started with me working for an OB/GYN...that lasted about 8 months...long story but that woman was absolutely nuts! Extremely smart but extremely crazy! To stay sain, I had to leave, so I started and am still working with Needville ISD, subbing all the time. In fact, January starts a long term position as the High School Nurse...we will see how that goes. Part of me is thankful for the position and part of me is scared of the idea of a "full-time" job! I have been so spoiled by my every once-in-a-while work day but, I guess everyone has to grow up sometime! My start in beginning a nursing career was anything but easy, I guess I am just not used to perfect opportunities just falling in my lap! I am so Thankful for God's Blessings and continued Peace in our life, "For every good and perfect gift is from above..."James 1:17!

From working to weddings our days are full of excitement and our memories are full of great times. Our families are growing up and growing bigger in number...This year alone Wyatt and I were involved in 10 weddings, more if you count just going as 'guests' and not 'wedding party'! We literally had to budget weddings in our monthly bills! It was a crazy time that seems to be winding down but we still have a few to look forward to...Here is "congratulations" to all the newlyweds out there...

Teecee and Michael ... Kelly and Stephen ... Allison and Kelly ... Ashley and Justin ... Bethany and Josh ... Amanda and Scott ... Brooke and Jeff ... Rachael and Cody ... Jamie and Josh ... Dana and Tim ... Blake and Amy ... Vanessa and Heath ...Trent and Jackie ... Brandon and Lacey ...
and anyone I forgot! May God bless you and your new marriage!
Make Him the center and He wont steer you wrong...Wyatt and I always write in our cards, "Love each other, and life comes easy"!

Speaking of marriage, Wyatt and I celebrated 1 whole year of perfect bliss July 21, 2008! What a whirlwind of a year! We celebrated in San Antonio...see all the details by clicking here!

As if all those weddings weren't enough to take all our time, Wyatt and I have been blessed with families that are just as time consuming...but worth every minute!

Starting with the Byrd bunch...My parents are still living in Burnet and pastoring a great church! They are growing every week and God is at work at the Epicenter! Brandon is getting older and bigger! He is in college and learning how to be an adult! Pray for that! :) Jennifer is pregnant...again...this will make a whopping family of five! Wyatt and I love our niece and nephew and are anxious to welcome another little one. They make great birth control!

The Sbrusch's are still in Needville, Tim and Denise still working as hard as ever. They are two of the hardest workers I know! I see where Wyatt gets his drive! Brett is at Baylor, a sophomore now, and making excellent progress! He is studying Aviation Science and will most likely graduate in May 2010!

Our families are excellent sources of strength and wisdom...we love them very much!

To wrap up this crazy long post, I want to give a little "Top 10 of 08" tribute...

10. Wyatt started working with Nalco

9. Rodeo '08 with Sam and Clay...particularly my "Buddy Race"

8. Brandon (brother) graduated High School and Rachael (cousin) got married!

7. My first evacuation for a style

6. Wyatt turned the BIG 25!

5. Congratulations to everyone who got married, thanks for allowing us to be a part of it!

4. LOVE to all our mean the world to us!

3. CHEERS! to all our know who you are! Without you we would have no fun!

2. Trip to Jamaica!

1. Wyatt and I celebrated 1 year of marriage!

It is our prayer that you and your family are celebrating this wonderful time of year! Please, take time to remember the real Reason for this Christmas Season! And, if challenges are facing you, here is a little wisdom courtesy of my mom, Robin, and the Good Book,
"God will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are continually on Him" Isaiah 26:3

We love you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Wyatt & Kyla ...and Jayda

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas with Samantha and Clay...Brooke and Jeff

PF Changs in Sugar Land!

Great friends...

new traditions...

Last year, Wyatt and I started a new tradition with our good friends Samantha and Clay. We took them to PF Changs in Sugar Land and they loved it so much it is our new Christmas tradition! We go in starving and come out with bellies about to bust! YUMMY!

After stuffing ourselves, this year we went out to Watsons and listened to Jeffrey and his band, the Elroys. Brooke and Jeff are great friends of ours and we always have a blast when we meet up for any may remember them from Jamaica! They are Newlyweds!

CHEERS! to a wonderful night and wonderful frends!


Clay, Sam, Wyatt, Kyla...and snowman

trying to stay warm!

Brooke and Wyatt singing! SO FUN!

Best Buds

Jeff and Wyatt...singing an OLD rap tune. One of those that takes you back to 8th grade...

what a fun night! I love you ladies!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Snow gathering on the back - porch railing!

We finally got our Christmas tree for CHRISTMAS 2008 and our home smells like Noble Fir!! Wyatt and I have been meaning to get out and choose the perfect tree for our favorite time of year but have yet to make the time...TODAY was D-Day! And, to make it even more perfect...IT WAS SNOWING! I love life! We have been so busy and I am way behind on shopping for family and friends but, what can I is needed to shop and working is needed to make money! What a vicious cycle :) God is good though, and Wyatt and I have been so blessed this year! Another Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Sbrusch...I cannot wait!

Home Depot, here we come...ready to find the perfect tree!

Me...running through the selection!

lucky, lucky tree!



Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, 2008!

The Byrd/Stegent/Sbrusch Family
Wyatt (25) & Kyla (24)
Brandon (19), Kyle (48), Kaden (3), Robin (47), Jennifer (26), Charlie (33) and Karlie (1)

Well, HELLO EVERYBODY! I cannot believe we just celebrated another Thanksgiving! 2008 has gone so incredibly quick! I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner...I hope my checkbook is ready! This year, my family is coming to Needville and the house needs to be "Santa Ready" for Kaden and Karlie!

Thanksgiving was spent in Burnet and at the land in Otto. We were 100% accounted for at the Byrd house...except for Jennifer's newest addition which is showing ever so slightly through her sweater! We ate too much, laughed too hard, shopped till our husbands yelled and loved every minute! Wyatt and I are so thankful for our wonderful families. God has truly blessed us with loving parents, brothers, sisters, friends and extended family! It is my prayer that everyone enjoyed their holiday week and spent quality time with loved ones, that is what Thanksgiving is all about. I am incredibly thankful for all your and prayers from us to you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

How it all started! All the Byrd's

Family photo-op!

the ladies...enjoying the sunshine!