Monday, December 28, 2009

Canada, Eh!

This year, Christmas for Wyatt and I was set to be with my side of the family. Being that all of my family love to travel we decided to have Christmas in Canada! The trip was absolutely gorgeous! Perfectly white, extremely cold, unbelievably beautiful views!

Our first stop while in Canada was Niagara Falls...

We saw it from both the US side and the Canadian side. I have to say that the Canadian side was much prettier. Both, though, were unforgettable!

We stayed in Collingwood, Ontario the cozy Cranberry Resort!

We skied every day...and night! I have to admit that my mom and I only skied one night but the boys were fearless and took full advantage of the 10a to 10p Blue Mountain slopes!!

This is me after skiing the first day. Wyatt and I actually claim to be in shape...I think I am fooling myself!! That, or the altitude definitely got the best of me! Either way, after a cup of hot chocolate mom and I were right back out in the freezing snow! :)

B and I ready for another day of skiing...all bundled up headed to the mountain.

For A LOT more photos, click here!

Any trip, for Wyatt and I, is a fun trip and this one was no different! We had a blast! We love our family! and hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Welcome 2010...may it bring peace, love, and much happiness!

Holidays and Housewarming!

As soon as we got back from Canada, literally THE NEXT DAY, we had a Holiday Housewarming party in our new home! Wyatt and I live a life of constant company! If there is ever a weekend where we sit on our couch with nothing going on...we are most likely sick. In fact, when we were shown our new house they had what we call our "living room" their master bedroom. I know, it sounds weird but, if you come out to Needville and will all make sense! With our lifestyle it only makes sense to have the sitting room for the ladies and a man-cave for the men. The house has three more bedrooms and an office so, making the switch was really easy. And, given that all Wyatt and I have on our room is a bed (seriously, no furniture) we definitely didn't need a space the size of a two-car garage! :)

Anyway...back to the housewarming...

We had a blast! So many people came by. We were so happy to open our home and we are so thankful for the "warm" memories that were started at that party!

Brandon, John, Terry, Wyatt

Clint, Chase, Cole

Sam and me

LeighAnn, Me and Jill

Me, Melanie and Jamie!

Thank you to everyone who came by, for all the gifts and laughing! If you couldn't make it this particular night, we open our home to anyone who wants to stop in! We are never against company...even if we just got back in the country and have laundry out everywhere! :)

We love you, all!! We have the BEST friends!!

living and sitting room

guest room

this is my favorite room...hence it gets two pictures :)

outside, front.

After I clean, you can see the rest! LOL :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and so much LOVE!

2009 for the Sbrusch home has been so crazy! What's new, right!?! Exactly. My sister is constantly telling me to slow down...I don't think that is possible!

2009 started with weddings, the birth of our newest nephew, Kaine Edward Stegent and plans for some amazing trips! Wyatt and I have been so Blessed by such amazing family and friends! We are never without love and laughter! When we look back on our lives, all we can do is smile and talk about all the amazing memories! We thank God every day for His abundant blessings!

With all that has gone on lately, Wyatt and I have had some crazy personal times as well. After much debate, writing, deleting, re-writing, saving and deleting. I think we have finally decided to come out and ask for some prayers. Wyatt and I have experienced two missed pregnancies to date with the most recent happening just a few days ago. With both pregnancies, we were pleasantly surprised by the gift however, it seems God's plan was still in the works because for whatever reason, I haven't managed to hold on to either of them. This latest miscarriage was the longest we have had before we lost so, it was a bit harder to swallow...all that being said, I cant imagine any better way to help get over something than to be surrounded by family and friends in thoughts, prayers, love and support. My apologies for the "secrets" up to this point but, please understand that the privacy of times like this are sometimes the ONLY thing I feel I could actually control. In all of that, the only feelings we hold on to are feelings of true belief that God is in control...and His timing will be perfect!

On the subject of baby, this year brought a new perspective to our reason for being. Wyatt and I took our very first foster baby, baby Layney!

She was with us for about 8 weeks and we just fell in love. She was absolutely perfect. Such a content little angel. Right before Thanksgiving, Layney left our home to be placed in her permanent home but, she was just the first of that journey. Being foster parents is something Wyatt and I is our prayer that God continues to bless us by allowing us that special experience!

As far as work goes, Wyatt is still loving his career with Nalco. He is never bored, and it is not east, but loving what you do makes going to work easier! Nalco is great to us and we are so grateful! For me, I am still nursing in Needville ISD and seriously contemplate staying for long term or going back to the is so different that it makes the decision very hard to make! My prayer is for clarity in a decision and happiness either way! Thy will be done...

In the meantime, I started a Mother's Day Out at our church, Creekside Christian Fellowship. Growing up, I have so many wonderful memories while in Mother's Day Out and it is so ironic that God put starting this program in my path. We started with nothing and have made it to 30 kids enrolled and a thriving program! I am so honored to serve as the administrator and am so blessed my my team of employees! The ministry of Creekside's Mother's Day Out is overwhelmingly satisfying. Growing up in a minister's home, I swore I would never work in a church...well, once again, God's plan is better than mine and Wyatt and I are once again given a special blessing from the Man himself.

2009 also brought the celebration of two of the best years of my life! Wyatt and I celebrated two years of marriage with a BANG! My husband has a great theme the link and you will understand! I am anxious to see what year three will bring!?!

Welcome to our NEW HOME! Year three has already brought me a pretty big gift...Wyatt and I have finally moved and settled into our new home! Just in time for the Holidays, we are loving our new space! I have really enjoyed decorating all the new rooms...even though I have only done 1, the projects are all rolling for the rest!! 2010 will be the year of decorating and landscaping!! :)

I know that there is so much more that has gone on in the past 365 days...feel free to browse the blog to read all about our little happenings! I hope that all of your families are enjoying the wonderful Holiday season! We are so grateful for all of your love and support, prayers and thoughts! We are so Blessed!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010! CHEERS! to a fantastic year behind us and the surprises ahead!! Love and Blessings!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dinner with the Best of the Best!

You just cant beat the feeling you get when you get to have a girls night with so many of your best friends! It is so amazing to me that I can go days...even months...without talking to any one of these girls but, when we finally get to catch up, we start right where we left off! We always laugh and have so many "remember whens" along with new stories and funny new memories! I know I am always talking about Blessings but, I am so thankful!

The nights festivities started at Japeniero's in Sugar Land Town Center...we ate, drank, laughed, ate, drank, ate and was such a blast! This time, we had a new addition! Ashley has moved back to Sugar Land and I couldn't be more thrilled! Not only is she my best friend but, she is also a registered nurse so, she fit right in...

Brooke, Karla, Ashley, Kyla, Allison

One of the funniest parts of the night...
Brooke has been to Japs twice, both times with Alli and I, and this time she decided to get brave. It started ok...
Then, Ashley told her, "you know those are fish eggs"...

Brooke was mortified...Her only response was "Are you joking?!?" about 346 times...
We tried to convince her otherwise only to help her not to choke but, the reality was they were fish eggs...she wasnt thrilled :) to say the least...
BUT, it was really funny! I love you, Brooke!! :)
so, CHEERS! to a girls night out! ...and congrats to Alli for being preggo!!! She finally went public with her fantastic news and I am allowed to blog about little baby Craig! I am sure there will be many more baby updates to come! Love you, Alli! Brooke! Ashley! and my Karla!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the season...

Well, it is really a wonderful "winter" in Needville!! We had SNOW! ..and not just a little but, a lot! It was absolutely gorgeous ...

The new house! All covered in snow!

This is the lakeside of our was so beautiful

the Ford doesn't like cold weather :/

This Holiday season is always so busy in our house. Maybe it is because I LOVE to overwhelm myself with parties, decorating, baking, friends and family time?! Either way, Wyatt and I are constantly reminded of the true Blessings we have in all of our family and friends. This year, we are packing our passports and heading to Canada for a white Christmas and some great skiing! Our flight leaves the 19th of December and we fly to Buffalo NY. We are renting a car and driving across the Canadian border with a stop in Toronto and at Niagara Falls!

Ill definitely post pictures and I am sure, lots of stories of our skiing adventure! Being that neither Wyatt nor I have been on skis in about 5 years, I am sure we will have some great memories! I am praying the memories dont include trips to the ER! ;)

As soon as we get back to the US on the 25th, our house will be filled with friends for our Holiday and housewarming party! I know, I know, everyone thinks I am crazy for planning this sha-bang right after a week vacation but, my life is driven by go-go-go so why not!?!

I hope everyone's Christmas season is full of Love and Joy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009!

This year for Thanksgiving, Wyatt and I stayed around Needville with the Sbrusch side of the family. We enjoyed seeing family and eating until our bellies ached, watching parades and football games and shopping for Christmas! Being that we just moved, I am so excited about shopping for all new decorations and festive accents, we received a beautiful poinsettia from a neighbor and I loved it so much I went and bought 5 more for the front of the house!
That gift pretty much jump-started my Christmas frenzy and now I am in the continuous mood to shop, organize and decorate! Wyatt and I went to Houston Garden center and bought some landscaping stuff for the front of the, all I have to do is get someone to plant it all! ;)

Black Friday was a huge success in the area of shopping but, not so much for the house. Kaden, Karlie and Kaine (niece and nephews) are completely checked off my gift list and now I can focus on clothes for our ski trip to Canada, house decorations for our Holiday parties and landscaping the new house!

I have to admit that in our little family, I am definitely the more "festive". Wyatt gets into Christmas about a day or two...if we are lucky, a week...before actual Christmas eve! I am slowly but surely getting him out of his scrooge pants and into his santa suit! :) Give me another year or so and he will be putting lights up on Thanksgiving!...maybe :)

On another note, a great friend came down to take some family photos of the Sbrusch side. Considering the last family shots they had was when Brett was in 9th grade (he is now a Junior at Baylor) and I was just starting to come around, the pictures are about 7 years out-dated! I would say it is about time! As soon as I get proofs I will stay close and check back often!

December 12th, Wyatt and I head to Burnet for the Byrd family Christmas and the following weekend, the 19th through 26th, we are in Ontario, Canada! It is definitely going to be a beautiful white Christmas! I am so Blessed to have a husband that loves to travel as much as I do!

Cheers to everyone having a fantastic Holiday season! Remember to give Thanks and Praise to the One from Whom all Blessings flow! Love you all! ~WK

Saturday, November 7, 2009

halloween. wine. moving. wine. friends. wine...see the trend??

I have to admit that with little Layney around, blogging is taking a backseat...along with a lot more of my usual happenings! She is growing so fast but, I am falling so behind! We had two Halloween evenings...the first was a week early at a house warming party for some great friends of ours! Trent and Jackie just bought their first home and their Realtor hosted a little get-together complete with costumes, food and prizes!!

Wyatt and I won best couple-costume...thanks to Ashley and cave man and cave woman!! Woo Hoo!! :)

We celebrated bug's first Halloween, on the actual night of OCT 31, she was a cute little pumpkin and spent the evening with my mother in law because I spent the evening hosting my church's 5th annual Halloween bash! It was spectacular! Complete with a petting zoo, lots of inflatables, games, candy, a rock wall, hay ride, food, movies...and so much fun! We had about 700 people through our facilities and, if I do say so my self, I did a pretty dang good job! :) I had wonderful volunteers and the evening went off without a hitch...exactly my prayer! What a great opportunity to serve God through Creekside and reaching out to this community!!

Thank you, God for granting me that wonderful opportunity to serve You through fostering!! What a life we are afforded through Jesus Christ!
*Sneak Peak*

Well, its official...we are moving!! We finally got all our "stuff" done and we should be closing by Friday of this week!! I really hate moving so, there wont be any happy blog about it but, rest assured when the new Sbrusch Home is unpacked, organized and all set-up I will post an "all done" blog...MOM, if you are reading this, I hope your bags are packed because you, of all people, know I cannot do this by myself! :) The house we have lived in for two years is going up for rent and I cannot lie and say I am not a little sad. When we first moved in here, I cried. I never thought I would fall in love with the country lifestyle but, truth, I cant imagine leaving. True, I miss the amenities of Sugar Land but the peacefulness of the country is unbeatable. I am used to the drive to "town" and make it every once in a while to visit all my girlfriends ... Wyatt is positive that living far away from shopping is better for our budget but, he hasn't seen my mad online shopping skills!! ...or for that matter, met my wonderful friend, Meredith who so graciously decorated my sitting room!! :)

On the subject of friends...I have so many wonderful ones :) Getting out of college and moving to an unfamiliar place was scary to say the least. Wyatt and I were all each other had as far as friends went but, as time has gone by we have made a tight circle of truly amazing friends AND in the recent months one of my best friends has moved back to Sugar Land!! I couldn't be happier to have the McCoys just a short drive away! Also, just the other day another friend of mine gave me some big news...I cant tell because I promised I wouldn't until Christmas but you know who you are and I am so happy for your little family!!
In family little brother in law, Brett, is only one year away from graduating Baylor's aviation program!! He flew in for dinner Saturday! It was really cool to see his little plane come in, hear him on the radio and know that this little kid is really a grown man achieving his dreams!!
flight check...
cute little plane!after landing and parking and re-fueling...we were off to eat!

Layney was so glad to see uncle Brett!!

Congrats are almost done!! We love you and are so proud! Sic 'em Bears!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pinot, Picasso and Pumpkins!!

The past few weeks have been a real test for me...I have been juggling my MDO responsibilities, Nursing (hospital and school) stuff, house/wife responsibilities, paperwork and contracts for a new home, AND baby Layney...I feel for all moms of multiple children and all moms with kids AND jobs!! What a crazy life, crazy...but, truly blessed!

So, after the last week of late nights, early mornings, laundry, bottles, diapers, dinners, cleaning and all that...I decided on having a "girls night" out!!

Our choice location...Pinot & Picasso!! Amanda and I set out for a GREAT night with our bottles of wine and an optimistic outlook on our painting skills. Neither one of us are artsy AT ALL!! In fact, we both pride ourselves on our ability to 'delegate' decorating to professionals ;)

But, take a look at these mad skills!!
you start by penciling the picture...

then comes paint...

and more paint

then voila!!!

our "first Picasso" !! Literally!!

This adventure is set up at an art studio in the Montrose area of Houston. You bring the Pinot, or whatever your choice of beverage is, and they provide the canvas, paints and a fantastic instructor that steps you through the painting of the evening. Our painting was called "The First Picasso" and man, did we do great!! It was so much fun and I cannot wait till we get to do it again! Next time, we plan to enlarge our group and maybe include spouses!! Otherwise, its definitely a perfect "girls night out"!!

Our Saturday was full of wonderful weather and outdoor adventures! We started our day with Amanda and Scott at Cafe Adobe for a beautiful lunch on the patio...
then we headed to the pumpkin patch for some Fall decorations!!

Layney's first pumpkin patch!!

gotta get the perfect pumpkin for the perfect wife ;) LOL

Scott with his perfect pick for his perfect wife!

Amanda with baby-bug


**no news yet on our home contract...we are waiting on the seller's signature to be "in contract"!! I'll keep you posted!** -WK-