Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wedding Bells are ringing...A Wedding Shower for Phil and Jamie!!

A couple from "our group" is getting married! If you don't know otherwise, I would think you assumed they were already but, Jamie and Phil tie the knot on July 4, 2009 in MeXiCo!! Last Saturday a group of us hosted a shower for the lovely couple...

Phil and Jamie soon-to-be Urbanek!

lovely ladies!

new friends!

hangin with my hubbs :)

Wyatt, Phil and Manda!
a little dancin!!

Manda and Melanie!
Stacy and Jason

Adam and Melanie

Manda and...well, Scott wasnt there but Wyatt filled in when she felt lonely!! :)

I know I say this all the time but, true friends are such a blessing. Spending time with friends like this is one of my favorite things to do.
Congratulations to Jamie and Phil!

Memorial Day weekend Fun...a little late, I know!

So...I know I am so behind blogging but I am about to dedicate some serious hours to catching up! Here we go...

Memorial Day 2009! What a FUN weekend Wyatt and I had. We went to an Astros game with Brett and Elizabeth, Jamie and Phil and some of Jamie and Phil's family...

outside of Minute Maid park...Baseball is definitely one of my favorite past times!

this picture has only one give Chik-Fil-A some mad props...I just LOVE that place! No other significance other than a little plug for the best fast food ever. Not that they need my little plug, because lets face it, they can name the 'fowl' poles after their chicken! :)

I love these people!

This is a usual sight at our house...
I am so out of the loop when it comes to You Tube videos...why Wyatt and Brett think they are so funny is beyond me. I mean, come on, GI Joe cartoons with voice dub-overs that make no them, HILARIOUS. to me, RIDICULOUS...oh well...
The later half of Memorial Day weekend was spent hanging out at the Sbrusch House for a fish-fry! It was a beautiful day, perfect for sun bathing and hanging out outside all day. The only thing missing was a huge pool so I could float...Tim, my father in law, seems to think the hot-tub should suffice?! I disagree. LOL!

my sweet little family. Jayda had just gotten a bath...see that pouty face?! ha!

the boys were playing horseshoes...I was taking pictures-the usual.

Morgan, myself and Jayda sat and watched...what a relaxing day!

here is the newest addition to the family...about 2-3 weeks old! isn't she cute!

cow family portrait. :)
...and the polygamist. hahaha...JK but, really, T gets all those momma cows to himself :)
and the classic *kiss* photo...
just love...makes life so worth it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Weekend...

Another busy weekend...correction...Another FUN, Busy weekend!! Wyatt and I definitely love our life! This past weekend was no exception...

Friday was spent with "tha group"! Wyatt and I are so blessed by our friends and one of the best things we do is meet up for dinner with this lively group of people! I think it is so important to surround yourself with people that love you and help you grow each day...this group is one of my favorite things about life!

Scott...this is a classic look for him. Between Amanda, his wife, and him, we never stop laughing!

can we say baby fever!?! LOL! I love this look ;)

My so so cute brother in law! Brett just finished his sophomore year at Baylor! Almost done!

Phil loving on his Amanda!

The hostess with the mostess! Jamie would never let a glass be empty!

Amanda and Melanie...lovely.

us and Westin! isn't he precious!

Love this woman!

Mel and Adam...I love these two!

...and Saturday was the annual KC Crawfish Boil! One of Wyatt's favorite days! He gets up and cooks all day, just to eat the crap (literally) out of some crawfish. Now, I am not too crazy about the mud-bugs but, Wyatt absolutely loves them!! He definitely gets it honestly because his whole family loves crawfish. Anytime we pay to enter a crawfish boil Wyatt eats enough for both of us so I really dont feel guilty when I eat 2 :) Sorry, no was rainy and we all know what happens when Kyla gets the camera out in the rain. Example: Jamaica. Get home and buy a new camera bc the old one won't turn on. Fabulous. Lesson learned.
Sunday! WOW, SUNDAY! Sunday was our grand re-opening at Creekside! We opened our newest building! It was incredible! 522 was the total number of attendance for the morning and I could not be more excited! I love this church! God is moving so apparently in the life of Creekside and through the hearts of the members/guests! I couldn't be more excited about what is to come in the future of this amazing place!

Worship time

This is in the entry...I love this look. My parents did a lot of art work on their stained concrete, I had never seen it done with really gives a little extra !

Notice only half the doors are stained...Still alot to be done in the building but, little un-done things cannot keep us out!

One of my favorite spots in the new building is the lakeside lobby! Isn't it gorgeous!? The window shows a gorgeous view of the lake, sports fields, and back acreage of the property!
After church I went to meet two of my "oldie but goodie" girlfriends! These are two of the reasons I finished nursing school! I love you two...
Karla and Brooke!

We met at Brian O'Neils in Rice village and had a great afternoon listening to the music and chatting about everything going on in life. Another true example of how wonderful friendship is!

So blessed.Love you all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome to the world, Kaine Edward Stegent!

As of 2:29 this morning (May 12, 2009), Our family welcomed a new little member!

Kaine Edward Stegent was born weighing in at 8 lbs. 12.7 ounces!!

So excited to see him were his mom and dad, Jennifer and Charlie, Big brother, Kaden, 4, and Big sister, Karlie, 2.

MeMaw and PePaw, Uncle BoBo (Brandon), and Uncle Wyatt and Aunt Kyla!! :)

For more pictures click here!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weeks without Wyatt are NO FUN...

...but, spending time with friends and family fills my time and warms my heart!

As a lot of you know, Wyatt has been in Chicago for a couple weeks now...HE GETS BACK FRIDAY and I could not be more excited! This single living stuff is AWFUL! It isn't forefront in your mind how close you are to your spouse until you experience life without them! I feel like a lost puppy. I went into Subway and started to open my mouth to order and tears ran down my cheeks...I had no idea what to order because Wyatt always orders the sandwich while I get the drink! How juvenile is that!?! LOL! I am truly only complete with my other half!

On a little happier note, Since Wyatt has been gone I have been blessed by so many friends who have opened their hearts, dinner tables and time to me! Not one day has gone by where I have been alone! For that, I am so thankful!

Dinner at PF Chaings with my second mom and sister...

Pay no attention to the HUGE amount of food...
Sam and I practically rolled out of the restaurant!

me and Sam

This next group of pictures should bring back some fun times if we were friends through middle school and high school...

Chris! One of my oldest and truest friends!!

Charlie, me, Chris
Jordan, Justin, Jeff

I practically grew up with these boys! Almost every memory I have, from about 6th grade on up through high school, has at least one of them involved...I only wish some of the girls were there to make the picture complete!

Our night was celebrating these two love birds!!
Introducing Emileigh and Charlie...soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Hebert!
how cute is that...he got her up in the Martini (up scale) bar and danced...definitely perfect.

me and Katie...she got the benefits of her brother growing up with such great friends! ;) We have such fun memories!
Another *favorite* past time of mine is hanging with my beautiful niece and nephew! Nothing is more special than when I hear, "KYA!!"

Fun in the sun! They were swimming, I was soaked and covered in Cheetos fingers!

LOVE this first nephew whom will soon have a baby brother!! We are only days away from meeting Kaine, who is blamed for "breaking mommy's belly button and having to buy her another one!" :) Yes, that is what Kaden thinks when he sees Jennifer's belly button!

Karlie loved this dog! The dog was a neighbors who decided he wanted to swim...I just thought this was the cutest picture!

Daddy jumped in the pool after a long, hot day of mowing! The kids LOVED having him in there! Between wrestling and catching/throwing toys, I think he was even more tired and less relaxed in the water!

Jen sat in the shade and laughed at the kids...she is ALL BABY and ALL READY to get that boy out!

My little Karlie, laughing at her daddy...she is so sassy!! Takes after her mommy :)

And, the best $4 I have ever spent ... a bubble blower gun! Kaden thought this was the coolest thing ever! It makes "over 300 bubbles a minute" and we couldnt keep the bubble mix filled!! Another "check" in the I LOVE AUNT KYLA box!!

That's all for now...I am filling my days with work, books, phone calls, and count downs to the day Wyatt comes home!
...4 more days...

**Pray for Jennifer...she needs that baby out and is only days away!!**