Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Time is the Best Time

This weekend was one of my favorites lately. Wyatt, Layney and I made the trip to Burnet to celebrate my 25th birthday and my MeMe's 70th birthday! I love when our family gets together! Between babies and diapers, feeding kids and dogs, loading and unloading, our bunch is a hand-full! I cannot imagine the relief my mom feels when her home is back to 'normal' but, if she had it her way, we would be there every day, all day! There is no greater gift than the gift of family! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful one!

All the grand kids!...this one is framed for MeMe!

Kaden, Karlie and Kaine

Stegent Bunch

Sbrusch family!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

little Layney-Bug...

Oh, where to start!?! Life, as usual in our home has been crazy! Some people think Wyatt and I are crazy but, We love it! Our newest *surprise* was receiving a call about a respite care baby, Layney. Layney was born Sept 1 and we got her Sept 4, needless to say we were new parents with a new baby and NO knowledge! :) Reactions varied between tears of joy (me), surprise (Wyatt), excitement (me and Wyatt along with others) and some hesitation from people that were concerned with what we were getting into...I think I blogged about that earlier...but all-in-all overwhelming support, prayers and excitement was all around!

The days after getting Layney went so I sit a week later and I am thinking, "Oh my gosh! Layney turns TWO WEEKS Tuesday!" Where does the time go!? I now realize why moms cherish every single moment, they go so fast! The time we spent with her was definitely precious and all the memories are forever. What a Blessing! Wyatt and I cannot wait till our next placement!
As many of you know, and if you don't - soon you will, I am celebrating my "quarter of a century" birthday on Tuesday, September 15. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS but, this one is a little different...I just cant wrap my head around being 25. It seems so OLD! Now, everyone calm down, I know its not that old...but, to me, IT IS! AH! I mean, I cried at 24, what the heck does that mean for 25?! All the same, I have celebrated all month and Tuesday will be great, even if it is preceeded by a few tears...sniff*sniff*
Along with my birthday, my little Brother-in-law, Brett, celebrated the HUGE 21 on September 12. Wyatt and I made the trip to Baylor and helped him ring it in! Being back in the "college town" was fun but, a little awkward because Wyatt and I are three years out of about feeling old! :) We joined up with some of his buddies and went to George's ...

Happy Birthday, Brett. We love you!

Next weekend we celebrate my 25th and my MeMe's 70th in Burnet! I cannot wait to see all my family and catch up on what is going on in everyone's lives! Between Mother's Day Out, Layney, Wyatt's work and nursing here and there in Needville, my conversations have been few and far between with friends and family! I browse blogs and facebook in a weak attempt to stay "caught-up" but, that is really not cutting it and I miss everyone!

All our love...until next time!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just loving the Lord...and all His Blessings!

Just a little "fillin the time" post...

Mother's Day Out is going so great! My team is learning daily and my Creekside team has been nothing but 100% supportive! It is an amazing feeling to start a ministry and see it thrive and grow! We have not been without obstacles but, I have learned that nothing is above God and His power..."there are no problems," Greg teaches, "just decisions to be made!" That couldnt be more of the truth! We are growing daily but, to this day sit at a comfortable 25 kids enrolled. Not too shabby when you think we have only been "open" not even a month!!

Wyatt and I are finally realizing another dream that has been in the works for quite some time!! We are in the process of completing our long term foster license but, already are licensed for respite (short term) and are getting a brand new baby girl in the next couple of days! Born into a life of craziness, to say the least, this little angel weighs only 6 lbs and is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. I am so elated I can barely think straight and am pretty sure I have bought more outfits for her already than I have for Wyatt!! :)
In this adventure, I have met many different reactions. Some of excitement and joy, some of prayer and support and some of worry. I venture to say the "worriers" are not worried for any other reason except for the shear fact that Wyatt and I do not have our own kids yet and these precious 'firsts' with newborns are "supposed" to happen with our own first child. My take on that is this...Wyatt and I are ready, willing and certainly able to except this gift from Jesus and give her all our love and support. I know from a nurse's perspective that the first few weeks in a newborn's life are so important when it comes to nurturing, love, comfort and safety so, with all of that said, OUR first child will be OUR FIRST child so, he or she will have firsts on everything...this is Lainey's first everything and without us she would have NO one. I am thrilled that God has allowed us this opportunity and I cannot wait to start Lainey's life full of love, comfort, safety...AND SHOPPING! :)...had to throw that in!

Thank you to EVERYONE for your opinions, love, support and constant prayers. The Sbrusch home is jumping with excitement and soon to be bustin' out of the seams with the joy of a new life in the world!

I'll keep everyone posted...

love and prayers...