Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pinot, Picasso and Pumpkins!!

The past few weeks have been a real test for me...I have been juggling my MDO responsibilities, Nursing (hospital and school) stuff, house/wife responsibilities, paperwork and contracts for a new home, AND baby Layney...I feel for all moms of multiple children and all moms with kids AND jobs!! What a crazy life, crazy...but, truly blessed!

So, after the last week of late nights, early mornings, laundry, bottles, diapers, dinners, cleaning and all that...I decided on having a "girls night" out!!

Our choice location...Pinot & Picasso!! Amanda and I set out for a GREAT night with our bottles of wine and an optimistic outlook on our painting skills. Neither one of us are artsy AT ALL!! In fact, we both pride ourselves on our ability to 'delegate' decorating to professionals ;)

But, take a look at these mad skills!!
you start by penciling the picture...

then comes paint...

and more paint

then voila!!!

our "first Picasso" !! Literally!!

This adventure is set up at an art studio in the Montrose area of Houston. You bring the Pinot, or whatever your choice of beverage is, and they provide the canvas, paints and a fantastic instructor that steps you through the painting of the evening. Our painting was called "The First Picasso" and man, did we do great!! It was so much fun and I cannot wait till we get to do it again! Next time, we plan to enlarge our group and maybe include spouses!! Otherwise, its definitely a perfect "girls night out"!!

Our Saturday was full of wonderful weather and outdoor adventures! We started our day with Amanda and Scott at Cafe Adobe for a beautiful lunch on the patio...
then we headed to the pumpkin patch for some Fall decorations!!

Layney's first pumpkin patch!!

gotta get the perfect pumpkin for the perfect wife ;) LOL

Scott with his perfect pick for his perfect wife!

Amanda with baby-bug


**no news yet on our home contract...we are waiting on the seller's signature to be "in contract"!! I'll keep you posted!** -WK-

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Lately, our life has been a lot of the same...busy. busy. busy. We are in the middle of negotiations on a home, looking at potential rent-properties, working, working and more working, AND we have Layney Bug again! What a crazy house...

Between every-three-hour feedings, diapers, car seats, Mother's Day Out, Nursing and Wyatt's work Wyatt and I are struggling to stay sane! It is weird how even though I am not Layney's mom, my body has a mommy-mode. I cant go days with three hours of sleep and get to the end of the day and think, "oh, I guess I should eat"! I am in complete mommy-mode from about 4am every day to about 12pm...and 12-4 is usually a little sleep-time. Laundry, dishes, dinner, bottles, cleaning, work (nursing and MDO), and family do single moms do that!? I understand so clearly why God designed a baby to be a blessing to a married couple...I cannot imagine not having Wyatt to help out...even if his helping is limited, it is comforting to know that I have a partner! the house...
A lot of you have asked and yes, it is true...Wyatt and I are about to purchase a home. Still in Needville, on the "other side of town" LOL, we have set our sights on a renovated one-story and hopefully we will be closing by Nov will come when/if we close! :) After all the looking, bargaining, and paperwork we think we are getting a great deal! Eventually this will turn into another rent-house but, being that we have been in the same place for 2+ years, I need a change! So...get your moving clothes ready because you better believe I am calling on ALL FRIENDS and FAMILY to help! Growing up, my family moved alot and I was pretty known for waiting till the last minute to pack and even that called for my mom to pretty much walk me through each box...MOM, I NEED YOU!! :)

As far as Layney goes...she is growing like crazy and so cute! She blesses our life and our home in so many ways...please, continue to pray for her placement and her future. We are confident that God has a great plan for this little one and we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to start her off right!

Mother's Day Out couldn't be going any better! I have such a wonderful team that give their all day-in and day-out! I am to the point where I don't even have to be there and I trust that they have it all under control! So, as that continues to grow, my prayer is for humility, perseverance and patience! God is so much bigger than I could ever even imagine and his plans are always better than mine! To Him be the glory for ever and ever! Amen.

I hope that everyone reading this is blessed daily! I consider myself lucky to have such a blessed life. So...until next time...