Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Samuel 1:27

...for this child we have prayed...

That's right! Wyatt and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our very first child September 26th, 2010! After a few months of not knowing what exactly God had in store, we were Blessed to confirm a well-implanted embryo today (Friday, January 25, 2010) with a strong "flicker" of a heartbeat! We are 5 weeks, 5 days as of today...Whew!

I have always been amazed at the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth and Wyatt and I are so excited that we have been chosen by God to create, carry and care for this tiny Miracle!

** pictures coming**

I have been nauseous and s.i.c.k for about three days prayers are for that to subside and energy to come back into my body! It takes so much out of me to even walk to the kitchen, let alone eat. Then, if/when I eat, I am running to the bathroom about 30 minutes later...Oh, the joys! :) I am okay with all of this though, because it is a constant reminder that there is a little being growing inside of me. I can take the sickness in trade for the gift we will meet in September!

I will keep everyone updated as I learn more! We are scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks to make sure that baby Sbrusch is growing...ill post before then...

All our Love...
WK and baby!!