Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lovely baby bumps...

Well, to date I have only gained about three pounds...which is CRAZY considering how much I eat and how little I am up and about doing something active. This whole experience is absolutely crazy! I hate foods I loved, my sense of smell can find a dirty sock with my eyes closed and I can fall asleep within SECONDS of putting my head down! People ask, "how do you like being pregnant?" and my response is always..."well, its just being pregnant". I mean, what am I supposed to say? It is what it is...not necessarily glorious by any means, or at least up to this point, and no real action is taking place as far as feeling my little resident move or any thing like that. Pretty much, up until now, all I have done is puke, sleep, try and accomplish something in a day, try to eat, most likely puke and more sleep :) LOL

The only thing that reminds me that I am pregnant is this little hint of a baby bump that is starting to grow...

Well that and my jeans arent quite fitting the same! But, who needs jeans in summer!? I am stocking up on the cutest lose-fitting tanks, summer dresses and skirts and I have splurged abd bought some precious maternity clothes! The fact that I actually have a NEED to shop is fantastic!

Happy Spring!!

WK and baby Sbrusch