Saturday, May 29, 2010

6 year old...6 month old...who should have the most expensive bill?

Last night, I was so excited about spending the evening with one of my best friends, Ashley McCoy. We planned dinner and a trip to see Sex and the City 2! CANT WAIT!...well, I should have known when work turned out to be horrendous and I was running SO LATE that the evening was just not going to go as smooth as this pregnant lady would have hoped!

The movie started at 7:10...I was racing to a shower and to get ready starting at 6.
It takes me about 45 minutes to get ready and I live in Africa compared to the rest of the world so...needless to say, Ashlee and I skipped dinner and made Nachos, popcorn, candy and water our evening meal! :) (Baby Ainsley wasn't too happy with momma)

Running...literally...into the theatre at 7pm were two blondes, one much 'rounder' than the other but, luckily we got great seats and really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks, Ash for a much needed girls night!

After the feature, and after saying goodbye to Ashley, I jump in the truck to check my cell and find a text from Wyatt, "Call me". Weird. I never get texts like that from him. I called and the first words out of his mouth, besides the usual, "hey baby, how was your date" were this,
"We officially have the most expensive, free dog on the planet".

I just stayed quiet and let my wonderful husband tell me the story of his night. Long story short ...Wyatt was taking Bella with him to get the boat ready for our planned Memorial Day weekend when he got this feeling to check the back of the truck and when he dog. hhhmmmm...
He backtracked and found Bella a little ways back next to a pile of doodoo. SHE JUMPED OUT OF THE MOVING TRUCK to poop!! LOL! Not too funny, though, because he noticed she was limping...
Of course, being the pre-med student with 6 years of working with a Veterinarian, he examined her and saw that nothing was "protruding" but she was sensitive around her back hip. He took her to the Sugar Land emergency vet clinic and they took xrays. Sure enough, Bella broke her hip bone...clean break, but still broken.

So...Tuesday, when our trusted vet, Dr Stern, gets back in town from his much deserved Memorial Day weekend Bella will be back in the hospital for hip surgery at the ripe old age of 6 months. Let me just point out that our 6 YEAR OLD lab has had only one hospitalization and that was when she had her lady parts taken out...Bella has now been hospitalized twice, costing us over 1,000 and still going! What a dog...

She is worth it though! ...i think... :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Phew...what a weekend!

I think I am learning my limits now that I am 14 pounds heavier and sporting a baby bump! This past weekend was spent entirely outside in the gorgeous sun and before we knew it, Wyatt and I were laying our heads down and saying, "I can't believe we go back to work tomorrow, this weekend flew by!"

In recent history, we spent many a weekend outside lounging poolside or fishing or whatever else we decided and now that I am expecting, my body is drained by the sun! I do not know how exhausted I am until I slow down, sit down and take a breath...then it hits, complete exhaustion! Perfect example, Friday, I went home to shower and get ready for the first evening of weekend activity and fell asleep on the bed only to be woken up by a knock at the door that quickly reminded me I was supposed to be getting ready to go meet up with Wyatt! I dont even remember laying down! LOL...I know, I hear all of you...Im slowing down...

The majority of the weekend was spent at our church for our annual Hunting and Fishing Show. This year, I was asked to plan a children's area...which turned out fabulous! Two days of huge inflatables, sno cones, carnival rides and even a reptile exhibit! It turned out so amazing! I was worried about weather but, God is good and we had beautiful sunshine!

Another great part of the show was Dock Dogs, an ESPN sporting event for dogs and their owners. Dock Dogs come out and set up a long track that ends in a pool of water. The dogs run and JUMP for a measured distance and the winner gets points to go further int he competition circle. It was so neat to watch! And the kids all loved it!

It was a beautiful weekend, definitely one of those you look back on and feel blessed that God has given you such an amazing life!